The 9 best hardside luggage high demandable in 2021

Do you struggle to choose the right luggage? Want the best hardside luggage for you?

One of my friends buys luggage which is not good for safety. He was keeping the valuable items. And his laptop was stolen. It happened because his luggage wasn’t hardshell. There also wasn’t a locking system.

He said to me, “what luggage is the best for security?”

One piece of luggage comes to mind which is hardside luggage. This luggage is not soft and flexible like other traditional suitcases. Protection is a must for traveling. It gives an extra layer of security.

After listening to the benefit of hardshell luggage, my friend wants to buy the best hardside luggage. I had told him the best 10 hardshell luggage.

Now in the entire article, I will say that 9 luggage which the best. After finishing the article, you can get a clear idea of which luggage you should buy.

If you want to buy top hardside baggage, you are gonna love this content.

Keep reading to know more.

Some people face problems with traveling. Because they can’t travel in effortless style.

Do you face some type of problem?

No worries!!!

Because samsonite-centric hardside luggage is here.

This hardside baggage offers you high quality and good-looking vibes according to your expectation. It is water and scratch resistance luggage. You can enjoy your air travel by using it.

Your packing compartments will be protected inside because hardside luggage is very protective.

You can pull easily next to you for the 360-degree spinner wheels. Again if you want a comfortable ride, you can use a samsonite-centric hardshell suitcase. Because it has a telescoping handle. It makes you a comfortable ride. And you can store a good travel experience.


  • The centric suitcase made of lightweight polycarbonate
  • Its packing dimensions 27.75” x 19.6”x 12.4″
  • The weight of this luggage is 10.8 lbs.
  • Its overall dimension 30.4” x 20.9”x 12.4”
  • 1.5″ expansion for extra capacity
  • It comes with TSA approved lock.
  • Centric luggage is multi-directional oversized, 4-wheel spinners


  • It has a protective shell.
  • These hardside suitcases are outstandingly lightweight.
  • It can roll in a smooth way
  • The spinner wheels are strong and easy to move around
  • The combination is simple to set up and use
  • TSA zipper locks are an added security feature
  • The material is tough and secures the items in the bag.
  • It is stylish, durable materials, expandable
  • Excellent luggage, large, functional, and attractive looking
  • Not easily damaged by scratching
  • Telescoping handle with a good grip
  • This hardside suitcase comes with 10 years warranty
  • At the airport, it’s easy to handle 
  • It holds a lot of stuff, and it extends and zips effectively  


  • The upper handle has been pulled away from the bag  
  • The heavy chemical odor was unpleasant
  • There are no pockets on the interior, and the storage space is limited

Do you like the feature of centric luggage?

I think you like it. Because the centric hadside baggage has expandable features. It is stylish too. So the stylish traveler is gonna love this. You can observe a variety of colors so that you can select one of them.

The feature I like most of the centric luggage is security. As it has TSA approved lock, TSA travel agents give you easy access when you are traveling. It keeps your belongings safe. So you can buy it for your next travel.

Do you want attractive and eye-catching color luggage? Then American Tourister moonlight hardshell suitcase is the best option for you.

American Tourister moonlight is the largest brand. It makes impressive products. You can get here high-quality travel items. Like business suitcases and holiday luggage.

You can organize personal items nicely in this hardshell suitcase. Frequent travelers use this luggage and have fun on their journey. Its handle provides flexibility so that you can extend it easily.

There also have a push-button handle lock. With the help of that, you can push or drag it however you desire. If you don’t want to minimize the damage to your luggage, use the push-button handle lock.


  • It made of highly durable ABS and PC material
  • It’s packing Dimensions: 24″ x 16″ x 11″
  • Fashion-forward designing
  • Overall Dimensions of the hardside baggage is 27” x 17.5”x 11.8”
  • It’s weight 9.5 pounds
  • 360° spinner wheels
  • A zippered panel and two large internal sections


  • Highly functional and easy to operate
  • Easy to find at baggage claim
  • Push Button locking handles
  • Get maximum space to pack more items
  • The zipper is well-secured, and the piece isn’t too weighty
  • It can hold a lot of stuff and has wheels, handles, and zippers
  • The suitcase’s wheels are well-made, and the body is durable


  • It’s worn looking
  • It gets scratched

This American Tourister moonlight hardside baggage can be for your next adventure. You can add here TSA approved lock. You can access 360° spinner luggage wheels. Due to this, you can reduce the pain in the arms.

You can enjoy your international travel by using this. Your belongings will be secured in this hardshell suitcase. The luggage zippered compartment provides you more carrying capacity interior of the suit bag.

So what are you thinking? Buy it quickly and enjoy your journey.

Do you want cheap but good-quality hard shell luggage?

Then amazon basics hardside suitcase is here to help you. It’s an affordable price for everyone.

If you are a frequent traveler, business traveler, holiday traveler, this hardside suitcase is perfect for you. It’s really good-looking and offers strength and durability because of the ABS. ABS is thicker than the other material.

This amazon basic hardside suit bag has 4 double spinner wheels. This hardside carry-on luggage ensures smooth-rolling mobility. You can roll the suitcase in any route. When you aren’t using it, the telescopic handle tucks into the suitcase’s body. This telescopic handle makes you comfortable for maneuvering.


  • It’s made of ABS material
  • Its weight: 7.34 lbs
  • 3 zipper pockets inside
  • Outer dimensions 14.9 x 10 x 21.6 Inches
  • Interior dimensions: 13.3 x 9.6 x 18.5 Inches
  • 15% additional packing capacity
  • The diameter of this luggage Wheel is 49 mm
  • Interior capacity of the amazon basics hardside luggage: 39 Liters


  • Affordably priced
  • Perfect size with hard side regulations
  • The lovely colors that are accessible
  • It looks like professional
  • Scratch-resistant hard shell
  • The bag is really simple to maneuver
  • It’s not that heavy and rolls in a smooth way
  • Easy to spot in the sea of bags
  • The four multi-directional wheels come in useful
  • The zippers are strong and moved with ease  


  • The carry handle moves and does not feel sturdy  
  • No locking system
  • For some purchasers, it may be too basic

It is the best suitcase for any frequent traveler If you’re on a tight budget and want qualified luggage, you can use it. I think it can provide you good service.

This is perfect for light usage at a reasonable price. Here is the extra protection on the exterior of the suitcase. It is built with strong and you can’t see any scratches on the body of the amazon basics hard side suitcase.

If you want a simple suitcase for your trip, it can fit with you. You can buy it and inform me how is your experience with this luggage.

Do you want a lightweight, durable hardshell suitcase? Then Delsey Paris helium aero is the best option for you.

I told you about a friend who wants the best hardshell luggage. Remember? I give highly recommend him to buy this.

Here is why?

This luggage is always the top traveler choice. You get value for your money. There are a variety of colors where you can choose whatever you like. As this luggage expands 2 inches, it has packing flexibility.

Delsey Paris helium aero hardshell suitcase keeps the item secure and wrinkle-free. Here also have the 4 spinner wheel. It assures you a stable base. You can easily move to the airport because it’s multi-directional.

It amuses my friend.


  • Delsey Paris helium aero made by polycarbonate hardshell
  • It has double spinner wheels
  • TSA approved combination lock
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Expands up to 2 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 19.5 x 12.5 x 29 inches
  • It’s Weight 12.5 pounds


  • Delsey customer service was very comfortable to work with
  • There are no surface punctures or inside damage.
  • The NSA lock works wonderfully.
  • The wheels are smooth and move easily.
  • The handle is well-made and pretty sturdy
  • The suitcase isn’t too heavy.
  • Maximum space is available.
  • It is large enough to contain a large amount of clothing without appearing bulky
  • The interiors are in good condition
  • The front pocket idea is brilliant.
  • Even with a lot of weight, Delsey Helium Aero didn’t crack.  


  • The additional length is not included
  • Not good the plastic quality
  • Scratch easy
  • It is possible that the zipper will break.

You can organize clothes and travel accessories because this luggage has a fully lined interior with two compartments for packing.

The telescopic handle of the Delsey Paris helium aero hardshell suitcase extends and locks into place at two height settings. This case’s wheels and handles are superb, and it provides comfort to the traveler. With the help of the handle, you can use the luggage in an easy way and take a smooth ride.

One of my favorite quality products is Delsey Paris Chatelet hardshell luggage. It stands out among the biggest airlines.

I personally use this product. When I see it, its design amuses me. It looks luxurious because of its unique style with faux leather accents. Many of my friends praise Chatelet hard-sided luggage. For me, it is a piece of excellent luggage.

It has a 3-dial TSA-approved combination lock. This keeps the item secure. Here also have unique brake system locks. You may prevent this with the use of this suitcase from rolling away.


  • It made of a polycarbonate shell
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Its product dimension 9.5 x 20.25 x 14.25 inches
  • Item Weight: 10.45 pounds
  • Its manufacturer is Delsey Luggage
  • The material of the Delsey Paris Chatelet hardshell luggage: Virgin polycarbonate


  • The interior of these bags is very stunning and has lots of space.
  • The fabric inside of this suitcase is quite beautiful and comfortable.
  • It is well made, well designed, and luxurious
  • It’s really simple to set up and utilize.
  • The braking mechanism is efficient and effective.
  • Delsey Paris Chatelet hardshell luggage’s fabric is thick and very smooth.
  • It was simple to extend and retract the handle
  • The wheels are strong and have great maneuverability
  • Zipped pockets and good securing straps
  • It’s lovely and eye-catching and looks designer style
  • This hard-sided luggage is beautiful, elegant, stylish
  • The material is quite gentle.
  • The dividers are actually functional


  • It does not hold up well
  • Quite expensive
  • It’s a little too heavy to tote around.

Although it is quite expensive, worth it. Because it’s not cheap luggage. The price of a good thing must be a little higher. Am I right? This piece of luggage is my favorite.

If you travel with peace of mind, this luggage is perfect for you.

Do you know one thing? My brother was so happy after looking at this luggage. Because he likes it a lot.

I was thinking about which gift I can give him? Then an idea comes out to mind. He is a frequent flyer. I might give him quality luggage.

So I gave him samsonite freeform hardsided-luggage.

It appeals to me because it is so powerful. It’s also good-looking and nice luggage. Now my brother can go on long trips or weekend trips in this quality suitcase. Because it maximum packing power.

The inside of this hardshell contains a variety of zippered pockets. You can organize nicely your belongings on trips.


  • The packing dimension of samsonite freeform hardsided-luggage is 27.6″ x 20.0″ x 13.0″
  • Total Dimensions: 31.1″ x 20.95″ x 13.78″
  • Item Weight:9.59 pounds
  • The manufacturer is Samsonite Corporation
  • It has a 10-year warranty


  • Super easy to pull and spot
  • Holds a ton of stuff
  • Very sleek and stylish
  • Dirt can easily be removed with soap and water.
  • Excellent value for money and extra space
  • It’s simple to use and durable luggage
  • It ensures luggage TSA looks
  • Quite wide range, good quality in terms of closures
  • Design is simple and light
  • It endured a lot of movement between railways, buses, and airline
  • 360-degree smooth wheels and an extendable compartment 


  • It’s not well-protected on the inside
  • It is scratchable

This hardshell luggage has a cross ribbon and divider. It can ease your packing. As here have multiple pockets, you can organize according to your choice. You can get a range of colors here.

The expandable feature is another benefit of these luggage pieces. That’s why you can overpack. You can get the extra feature in this samsonite freeform hard-sided luggage.

I hope you gather good experience by using it. If you buy it, don’t ignore sharing this with me. How was your experience? I’d appreciate from hear you.

Samsonite S’Cure is the best hard side expandable luggage with a spinner wheel. Many frequent flyers and professional travelers use this and they also recommend it for everyone.

Nowadays, samsonite is more popular among pilots and cabin crew. Samsonite has many types of luggage. Such as casual bags, backpacks, laptop bags, etc. They build trust from their customer. They have good quality, durability, functionality, stylish.

Samsonite s’cure is one of them. For the spinner wheels, you can move easily from one location to another. You can take any of the sizes because s’cure comes in a variety of sizes.

This hard-sided luggage is so strong and durable. It can save your belongings safe in rain. Because samsonite s’cure luggage can resist water. You can easily clean it.


  • It made of hardshell polypropylene
  • The product dimensions of samsonite s’cure hard-sided luggage 28.5 x 18 x 11.5 inches
  • Its weight is 11 pounds
  • 360º Double spinner Wheels
  • The manufacturer of this piece of luggage is samsonite Corporation
  • This luggage has TSA approved lock
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Telescoping or recessed multi-stage pushbutton locking pull handle


  • The combination lock is simple to operate and change.
  • Customizable and integrated id tag at the back of the case
  • Divider pad inside for easy and organized packing
  • Material that is both affordable and durable
  • It’s a handy and light suitcase
  • There are interior fittings
  • Every side has a locking mechanism with three points
  • The case appears to be solid
  • On four wheels, the case is easy to move
  • Inside is really large and clean.
  • Extensible handle that is simple to use
  • It is both tempering-resistance and water-resistant
  • Zippers are far too easy to open and close again without detection
  • Due to failed stitching, the bag will not burst open
  • The greater size and the right side allows for plenty of apparel.


  • Delivery was poorly wrapped.
  • There are no outside compartments
  • Not rolling on the rough street
  • Not have a luggage strap

I hope you like its expandable feature. I also love it. It is affordable and high-quality material. This luggage has all side handle. Here is a benefit. That is, you can carry the luggage sideways, upside down. The handle is made of aluminum. As aluminum is a sturdy material, there’s no need to be concerned about breaking the handle. If you are planning for your next long trip, it can be perfect for you. Use the luggage and enjoy your journey.

Bamboo wolf aluminum-magnesium alloy carry-on hardsided-luggage has 360-degree spinner wheels. That’s why It not only allows 360-degree rotation, but it also comes with a superior wheel shaft that has been improved with quiet technology. By lowering the rubbing, it can reduce the noise. So you don’t feel disturbed during the trip.

Its other feature is protective bumper corners. It protects the suitcase from harm. Thus you can save corners items and enhance the extra wheel durability of the luggage.

I like its TSA-approved locking system. I always recommend everyone to buy luggage with a lock. Otherwise, belonging can be stolen. Protection is the first priority for every traveler. Its dual-approved lock prevents the thief. For this lock, you can also get access from the TSA travel agent. Manufacturers design the luggage that you can travel in peace of mind.


  • Its dimensions 17 x 10.2 x 24 inches
  • Its weight 12.8 pounds
  • The case is made of aero grade aluminum
  • Two TSA approved lock
  • Multi-directional 360 Degree Spinner Wheels


  • It has a wonderful appearance and is really durable
  • This bag is water-resistant.
  • It doesn’t appear to be one of those low-cost soft-shell models
  • Rolling is straightforward and unlocking is simple
  • Construction of exceptional quality
  • It fits perfectly in the overhead compartment
  • Well designed and very sturdy
  • The aluminum appears to be very bright
  • The inside of the bag appears to be light and well-made.  


  • The fabric is a touch flimsy. 

This Bamboo wolf aluminum-magnesium alloy carry-on hard-side suitcase is a travel-friendly design. You like its design because an excellent team top quality craftsmanship design this. They made the luggage so that you can easily grab it on top and side direction. The telescoping handle helps to adjust to any user.

The waterproof layer is one of the nicest characteristics and placement of Space in a Clean and Orderly Manner. You can pack more equipment here because it has a large packing space. The Interior feature is also so good.

You can organize the essentials better. The belongings will be in place and tidy. Many times rain damage the stuff. For rain protection, it is the best luggage. During the rainy season, the metal and the sealing tape protect your items. This luggage can ease your journey. Even the rain comes.

I feel excited to write about this hard-sided bag because I get it on my birthday. I felt much better with this suitcase. It is so nice luggage.

The Ninetygo has high integrity design. Its ultra-rigid luggage compartment repels knicks and scratches on your luggage. Wheels are effortless and silent. As a result, you can enjoy the smoothness on any surface. If you want to travel with ease, these effortless and ultra-quiet wheels are best for you.

These pieces of luggage also have a TSA combination zipper lock. It ensures your security without any keys. When you know your item is secure, you can travel with peace of mind. You do not need to be concerned about the broken lock. With this lock, your travel backpack will be fully protected.

The Ninetygo hard-sided piece has bigger storage space. For this reason, you can easily fit inside your travel accessories and essential items.


  • The Ninetygo hardside luggage is made of durable polycarbonate
  • Package Dimensions: 15.0″ X 9.0″ X 22.5″
  • It’s capacity: 36 L and Weight: 6 lbs
  • Imported from the USA.
  • 5-Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee
  • TSA Lock for Travel
  • 360° Spinner Wheels that are super silent


  • The Ninetygo is much lighter and easier to roll.
  • The wheels are highly flexible and smooth.
  • This case can be simply moved in any direction.
  • Very simple to load
  • The zippers are uncomplicated to open.
  • One side contains a mesh zippered pocket
  • It’s easy to pack and well-made.
  • Suitable for a week-long trip
  • Super sturdy and scratch-resistant.
  • Compartments for packing are well-organized.
  • It meets all of the requirements for air travel.
  • It appears to be high-end rather than cheap luggage.  


  • The lock creates an acoustic noise
  • It is too much small in the end.

Ninetygo hardside luggage has been examined to be able to sustain a lot of use in the long run. Its telescopic handle has been verified to withstand 400 continuous compressions without breaking. The baggage area has been tested to endure a falling weight of up to 5 kg without being harmed. So you can fill up between 5 kg weight.

Final verdict:

In this article, I try to give you the top hardside luggage. You can take one of them. I try a couple of this luggage. I found it helpful for my travel. Many friends gifted me. I also provide them luggage as a gift. We are impressed with the above best hardside luggage.

Hardside expandable luggage with spinner wheels is best for superior protection and extra space. Some are a little expensive some are low-cost. If you want better quality for your tour, you need to invest more. You see and decide which are good for you. There is a range of colors.

Any stylish traveler and business traveler use these pieces of luggage. Because they want more security and extra capacity. The Internal spaces of the suitcase are neat and clean.

Find out which luggage is best for your next trip. You can share few things in the comment section about your favorite hardside luggage.

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