6 best lightweight luggage of 2023 which no one will tell you

Are you looking to best lightweight luggage? Don’t want to carry heavy luggage and avoid baggage fees? 

Many people face this difficulty. The luggage itself is too much weight. So they become limited to carry all essentials for weight allowance. That’s why they want luggage that is lightweight.

To tell the truth, it’s quite difficult to find both high-quality materials and lightweight luggage options. I face that problem. Many times I tested which become wasted. I don’t want you also face this type of problem. So I decide to help you and give you a detailed list of the best lightweight suitcases.

After finishing this article, you can choose a suitcase of lightweight material. The following luggage is sturdy, stylish, wheel lightweight spinner, easy to use, and easy to handle.

These reviews give you a detailed understanding of the lightest baggage. You may also learn about many topics. So that you will understand which suitcase is best for you.

Let's check out some of my favourite luggage brands.

Do you want to combine both durability and excellent quality? Now no worries!!! Because travelpro maxlite lightweight luggage is here to reduce your pain. 

The polyester fabric ensures the strengthening of this lightweight carry-on luggage. This durable material is best for water resistance and stain-rellepent. So you can carry this baggage wherever you want. And the bag will keep your belongings secure. I personally love this durable suitcase. 

It is ridiculously lightweight. Now you might think travelpro compromises in other areas. But that’s not true. The Travelpro Maxlite 5 makes no compromises when it comes to durability.

This lightest suitcase comes with plenty of space and organizational features. So you can pack without any pressure. You can also simply open it. The corner of the soft luggage is very firm and square. There are available two inches extra expandable capacity. It maximizes your packing power.


  1. Overall Dimensions of this lightest case 23×14.5×9 inches
  2. The internal liner is protected from moisture by H20 Guard
  3. It’s Extremely Lightweight and super smart
  4. Case Dimension is 21x14x9 inches
  5. Weight 5.4 pounds and Volume 52 liter
  6. Expands upto 2 inches for extra space
  7. Travelpro is made of Polyester fabric
  8.  Stain resistant and water resistant
  9.  Meets carry on size restrictions
  10. Provide flexibility for building safety
  11. Limited lifetime warranty


  • This lightest luggage fits into overhead bins with ease
  • Wheels are a perfect circle and feel long-lasting
  • Travelpro maxlite lightweight luggage maintains its stability
  • It makes things easy to see and move
  • The suitcase is very space-efficient
  • Travelpro lightweight suitcase is simple to access
  • It’s spacious, and the design is light
  • The zippers are smooth and of decent quality
  • It has well-organized pockets
  • The handle of travelpro is attractively extended


  • More expensive
  • The side panel is quite loose

We all want a classic bag with simplicity and a lightweight design. I love its color. There is some color available. You may select one of them based on your own preferences.

There is a vertical zipper in front of the suitcase. It is enough to fit your phone, charger, and passport wallet. I think you really like the style around the pocket. The stitching looks fantastic which locates on the suitcase.

Travelpro maxlite-5 lightweight luggage is perfect for the size. It fits easily into overhead bins. As a result, you won’t have to fret about hidden costs. 

Do you want a suitcase with a trendy, elegant appearance? Don’t worry!!! Kenneth cole reaction out of bounds is here.

You can be certain that your items will be secure in this luggage because of the ABS material.  It gives top protection to your luggage from any damage and disturbance. You won’t believe how I am amazed to see this feature. 

When you take a look at the outside, you might think it is small. But if you see the inside of the lightweight luggage, you will see how big it is! You don’t have to be worry to pack more to stay someday far from home. 

It also comes with a mixture of colors and a stylish exterior. You can take according to personal choice which suits with your personality. I like all the colors of the Kenneth cole reaction out of bounds. 


  1. Packing Dimension of kenneth is 20.0” H x 13.25” W x 7.5” D
  2. And overall Dimensions are 21.75” H x 14.5” W x 8.5” D
  3. Its weight limit 5.65 lbs
  4. Most US based and international airline carry-on criteria are met.
  5. Fits into the majority of overhead bins
  6. A retractable telescoping trolley handle for easy navigating
  7. 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty


  • This suitcase is really light
  • Lightest suitcase at a reasonable price
  • They made it so simple to push the button
  • It has extra packing capacity
  • Easy to spot at the baggage claim
  • It’s fashionable and simple to travel with
  • Kenneth cole has a smooth retractable handle
  • It’s easy to maneuver with double spinner wheels
  • This type of luggage is easy to move in all directions.
  • The suitcase’s shell is equally sturdy and long-lasting


  • There are no additional compartments to separate smaller goods
  • It isn’t very good at handling

Inside the lightweight luggage, there is a U-shaped zip-lined pocket. For this, you can keep here any important document or passport for easy access. It has also tie-down straps so that you don’t have to worry about tidy up the luggage.

You can pack items for few days. But it still fits with the weight limitation of major international travel. That’s why you can avoid extra baggage fees and save time. So you can understand that this luggage is useful for everything.

Additional zippered pockets on the inside make it easy to keep your valuables and smaller belongings safe while traveling. Kenneth cole reaction out-of-bounds lightweight luggage also offers a 10-year warranty for your personal satisfaction. 

Ben Sherman always tries to give a stylish and outstanding product to their consumer. They also want to give you the best service so that you can travel with peace of mind. The emphasis is on functionality, durability, quality, fashion. Life has a way of taking us all by surprise, therefore it's essential to be prepared for anything at any time.

You can avoid unnecessary airport fees because it meets airline weight restrictions. If you are a frequent traveler, the extra money will save from you. Otherwise, you face difficulties every time. It also fits with most overhead bins.

Because of the 4 multi-directional spinner wheels, you can move faster at the airport. These spinning wheels also give you easy movability. Your tour becomes easier than before.


  1.  Ben Sherman made of durable ABS exterior 
  2. Packing dimensions of this suitcase 24. 0” H x 17. 0” L x 10. 5” D 
  3. Overall measurements are 27. 0” H x 17. 5” L x 11. 0” D 
  4. Ben Sherman's Weight 8. 9 lbs 
  5. Manufacturer's 10-year warranty 
  6. Its lightweight design helps you stick to airline weight limits 
  7. The retractable trolley handle is 41 inches long
  8. Packing space on both sides for extra organization
  9. Corner guards are reinforced to protect against harm


  • Ben sherman is really spacious and has a lovely color
  • This lightweight suitcase is simple to lift
  • It's well-made and has three  pockets on the inside
  • Allow for free-weight moving with ease
  • It's long-lasting, entertaining, and stylish
  • The cost is affordable
  • Ben Sherman Charlton rolls smoothly
  • Wheels are fantastic because it moves smoothly
  • The abundance of zippers makes packing easy
  • They have a lot of capacity


  • This lightweight luggage is a little heavy.

There are mesh pocket and dual ventilated that helps you to safe and organize your belongings. The main section has a hanging side zipper pocket for small appliances, as well as securely attached clothes straps to keep everything in place.

Protective corner guards that are enhanced to absorb the heat for optimal damage resistance and strength. So at the time of travel, you can go wherever without any tension. These corners save your lightweight baggage from damage and scratches.

I love this expandable feature. Additional packing space is available under the lid interior of the Ben Sherman Charlton lightweight luggage. Here you can pack extra packing essentials

If you are looking for an affordable suitcase, then Lucas luggage is perfect for you. Lucas luggage starts at 50$ that is reasonable for all. They come for everyone. As Lucas ultra-lightweight has polyester fabric material, it always keeps your items secure. It also prevents the luggage from damaging, scratching.

There is some size also available. Lucas luggage is also available as part of a bundle with a 28-inch max bag and a 20-inch carry-on. They don't come with the advanced feature but are fairly good.

There are also two external zippered pockets for the different documents. And 360-degree spinner wheels for easy movement. You find the handle on two sides like the top and left sides. After opening the suitcase, you find two roomy internal pockets. So you can organize your belongings perfectly.


  1. Dimension of this lightweight is 20 x 8 x 14 inches 
  2. Lucas luggage's weight 5.8 pounds
  3. It's constructed of polyester fabric. 
  4. The storage capacity is around 36 liters.
  5.  8-spinner wheel system ensures a smooth ride
  6. The suitcase can be expanded for an extra 4 liters.
  7.  Both functional and attractive. 
  8. Comes with fashionable design 
  9. 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Lucas Ultra has excellent rolling characteristics
  • The fabric is lightweight.
  • Very good quality and construction
  • The zippers are strong and easy to use
  • Front zippered pockets are excellent
  • The size is fantastic and space-saving
  • It has considerable capacity
  • The color is eye-catching and unique
  • Wheels with spinners are fantastic
  • Simple to recognize at baggage carousel
  • Most airlines' overhead cabin requirements are fulfilled


  • The handle appears to be a little fragile

Sometimes I face one problem that my clothes don't stay in place. So I take the suitcase which has cross-straps inside of the luggage. In Lucas ultra-lightweight expandable luggage, you find this feature. A compression strap helps to keep your items in place.

Even though this lightweight carry-on has an extensible zipper, some users have reported that when fully loaded and opened, it tends to tip over. But if you carry the bag by the handle, you can avoid tipping over.

Lucas lightweight luggage also comes with an additional feature that is the aluminum telescopic handle. It has an ergonomic shape and can simply be extended. You can get 4 liters extra for additional packing.

it luggage lustrous lightweight luggage is not only impressively lightweight but also durable. It was specifically developed for extra strength and steadiness. This lightweight baggage is also well-made and high-quality.

I like its storage options. Inside this suitcase, there are a huge compartment and expandability system. It provides plenty of space so that you can pack extra essentials or belongings.

These lightweight suitcases are simple to use. Thanks to spinner wheels and a push-button handle that puts away when not in use.


  1. The dimension of this lightweight 22 x 14 x 8.7 inches 
  2. Lustrous luggage's weight is 5.79 pounds
  3. The manufacturer is "it luggage"
  4. Top-handle padding offers superior comfort
  5. 360° accuracy and control in balance
  6. There is always a quality guarantee. 
  7. The new wheel design is more durable.
  8. Top and side handles are easy to grasp 
  9. 10 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Lifting is simple and simple to use
  • It has a better roll and is ultra-light
  • This piece of luggage performs well
  • Very strong, powerful, useful, and comfortable
  • Contains a large number of items
  • The bag's color and appearance are excellent
  • The wheels appear to be strong.
  • It's simple to put overhead and to pack
  • Large carry-on for all kinds of travel
  • Great value for money


  • This suitcase's packable space is relatively limited

There is a comfortable carry handle for additional padding. It offers superior comfort during travel. 

My best friend gifts me the luggage lustrous lightweight suitcase for my birthday. I use it and get a positive result. It performs great when I carry this baggage. Because the wheels are strong. It didn't break.

Later I thanked my friend. She was so happy to get the compliment.

So, are you prepared to have a look? 

Do you want both glamourous and lightweight baggage which is under 5 pounds? No problem!!!it luggage world's lightest los angeles can be perfect for you. So you can carry at the plane without any effort.

This baggage comes with extra-wide wheel carry handles. They are more pleasant than typical telescopic models. The wide wheel handles are so simple to use and pull. It eases your travel experience with its smoothness.

it luggage world's soft-shell suitcase's ultra-strong fiberglass construction keeps it stable and straight. For this, you won't get worried about your valuables. This strong fiberglass makes it a unique product.

If you use it, you can get rid of another pain. Many people face the problem that they can't pack all they need. But you won't face this problem anymore. Because this world's lightest baggage offers plenty of room. Here you can pack everything you need.


  1. Exterior Dimensions are 21.8 x 14.2 x 7.3 inches 
  2. Interior Dimensions of lightest luggage are19.1 x 13.4 x 7.3 inches 
  3. it luggage world's lightest is made of stylish two tone fabric
  4. Its weight is 3.81lbs 
  5. There are four mesh slide pockets on the fully lined interior
  6. Top and side handles for simple lifting
  7. Comes with a 10-year warranty


  • The case appears to be excellent
  • Inside appears to be large
  • There are no broken zippers
  • Affordable price available
  • They work well on rough surfaces
  • Simple to identify at the airport
  • The customer service was excellent
  • Design is simple and easy to pack
  • The size directly correlates to the carry-on size
  • Fabric is beautiful and smooth
  • It's simpler to spot on a suitcase carousel
  • The interior suitcase is quite huge and perfect


  • Sticky retractable pull handle
  • No cross strap or hook

it luggage world's soft-shell suitcase comes with 4 mesh lined sections. It helps to organize your clothes and keep them wrinkle-free. I love the wrinkle-free option. If you are a businessman or going to a wedding, wrinkle cloth will make your mood worse. Am I right??

With a stylish design and a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, this item is sure to be a hit. You can choose one which suits you. For the stylish design, I have gotten many compliments from others.

There are also two useful exterior zip-lined compartments for storing your passports and other critical items. So you get easy access to your documents and essentials.

Overall it gives you a good vibe during the trip and relieves the pain. And you can enjoy our journey. 

Final thought: 

Have you gotten the best lightweight luggage for your next trip??

Lightweight bags help you to avoid the extra baggage fees at international travel. It also reduces your pain because it's difficult to carry a heavy and larger suitcase. As these are durable suitcases, they will keep your belongings safe.

Many frequent flyers suggest the above lightest baggage. They get a better feeling by using that suitcase. Sometimes I take suggestions from my friends. They suggest me some cheaper suitcases and i try out them. This time I take suggestion about the lightweight suitcase. I use them but not are so good. You got knowledge about the suitcase which are the best.

If you know another best lightweight piece of luggage, inform me in the comment part.


Why should you choose lightweight luggage?

It might be difficult to balance family gifts with airplane baggage allowance. That's why you should choose the lightest baggage. By using the light suitcase, you can save baggage fees. You also will be comfortable carrying around with it.

Now I discuss some factors for choosing a lightweight bag.


Are you rush through the airport? Don't worry. It won't slow down at this time. This bags is made of lightweight materials so that you can carry them easily. It's great not only for carrying but also fits in overhead bins at the airport.

Complying with airline weight limits

You all know how's important it meet the regulations at the time of flying. You could face a large fee if you don't comply. I know you don't want to face this type of problem.

Remember that each airline has its own set of restrictions regarding case size and average weight. But the lighter case meets most of the airline size and weight limits.

Money savings

When it comes to baggage fees, the airline becomes really strict. You have to give them the fees. It's a waste to pay extra at the airport. I feel your difficulty time and decided to discuss some best lightweight backpacks above.

The light bag helps you to avoid baggage charges. So you are free to spend that cash on another valuable thing.

Storage space

Nowadays lightweight case comes with an expandable feature. You can pack more of your personal items. There are a lot of interior zippered pockets. If you buy something, it also fits in the luggage.

Many lightweight suitcase comes with additional inches of packing space to rid your packing problem.

Is it still possible to expand the capacity of the lightest luggage?

Yes, it's possible. This is great news for over-packers. I use some of lighter suitcase which is 2 or 2.5 inches additional space. I also love this feature. You can pack extra travel essentials. Even the smaller suitcase have expandable capacity.

Overall lightweight baggage gives you the offer of extra packing without any extra baggage fees.

What to look for in a light suitcase before buying?

You obviously keep in mind some factors when you buy the luggage. If you know this, no one can cheat on you by giving a bad quality case.

Let's know the details.


There have many durable luggage material options are available. Like: ballistic nylon, polyester, ABS plastic, Polypropylene. These materials ensure the protection of your items. They are both affordable and durable.

Soft-shell luggage is frequently treated with a water-resistant coating and is the ability to handle rips and tears while in travel. You can stay in peace if suddenly comes the rain.

Suitcase size:

Each Lighter baggage comes in a different size. It's your personal choice. You can buy according to your type of trip. You shouldn't buy too big because then you have to carry unnecessary weight. For this, you feel disturbed during the trip.

As above, there are different sizes of the suitcase. Some are big for family travel, some are small for a short business trip. So you can get it according to your personal preference. If you see all of the suitcases, you obviously find a perfect one for you.


2 handles are a must for a suitcase. It's required for both lifting and pulling. You can easily lift the luggage with the help of a side and top handle. It becomes easier when you get out of the suitcase from the baggage carousel. On the other hand, extendable handles are best for pulling or pushing.

Find the handle that won't give you pain at the crowded airport. I experience that if you take tall length handle, it can be easy for arms. See the handle that is strong or not. I think aluminum handles are more strong than any other.


Suitcases have varied numbers of wheels but two and four being the most popular. 2 -wheel suitcase is known as roller and 4-wheel suitcase are known as spinner suitcase.

2 -wheel suitcases help carry. You can carry your luggage everywhere you want. I found carry-on luggage amazing. If you want to see affordable carry-on, you can see best carry-on luggage under 100$. Two-wheel luggage is much better at handling sidewalks and rough terrain than other types of luggage. But it doesn't get easier at corners or tight spaces.

4-wheel comes to rid your pain at the busiest airport. Because it provides effortless mobility. This spinner wheel stays stable and strong even though it becomes full. 

Some bags have eight wheels, which are known as double spinners.

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