The 8 best luggage cover very popular in 2023

Are you upset because your beloved luggage gets scratches? Does your expensive luggage is going to be wasted? Can’t find the best luggage cover for your baggage? 

Don’t be worried!!! I’m here to assist you.

I see many people going through this problem. After buying a cover for the suitcase, they get rid of scuffs and inevitable bumps. But some of them face difficulties with their covers. Because the cover becomes ripped after some days. They always try to find the best luggage cover.

In this article, I give you the top 8 suitcase cover which keeps your suitcase safe. They are excellent luggage protective covers. I think you choose the best for you from some top baggage cover. I and my friends also use those shelters. 

Read more to know all the factors.

Need a stylish and protective suitcase cover? I think these luggage pieces cover is ideal for you. 

You might worry about the problem like how to remove luggage from scratches? Then you come here and find a durable suitcase cover. Right???

That’s why I introduce you to the samsonite printed suit bag cover. It comes with colorful prints and a preferred design. You get extra protection from dust, dirt, stains, and scratches using it.

It looks different styles according to another cover. You’ll have no trouble finding your baggage at the luggage sea in the airport. As samsonite printed suit bag cover resist from water, rain can’t harm your baggage. I can assure you it's a waterproof luggage cover. Without any trouble you can enjoy your trip.


  • It Made with premium quality polyester fiber
  • This cover dimension: 30.5 x 26 x 0.125 inches
  • Extra-large fits 27″+
  • Unique styles and prints
  • Weight of this cover 8 ounces


  • It protects the luggage from scuffs and damage.
  • The cover is fantastic and has an elastic material.
  • The cover prints are unique and outstanding.
  • Resistance to water effectively
  • It’s convenient to put on and remove.
  • The colors are stunning.
  • It makes it so easy to identify luggage
  • They are just really comfortable and secure.
  • The cover provides an additional layer of defense.
  • It will fit a lot better.
  • Great quality and durable.  


  • Too big for a suitcase

What do think about this luggage protector cover? I think this worth every penny. Its attractive designs fascinate others people at the airport.

There are many luggage covers available but all don’t fit with you. I hope this bold acid pattern designs cover fit with you. we choose for you this one from the best luggage covers.

Some days ago, I bought the best luggage set for the holiday. So we need the cover of those suit bags. This cover gives my baggage protection against scratches.

You may use the samsonite printed suit bag cover for your next trip.

Have you seen this luggage cover have two opening sides? It is simpler to get to the handles. This cover is eligible in four different sizes. You can bring your suit bag, depending on its size. So that it fits with the luggage wonderfully.

You can apply to this shelter simply At the time of removal, you don’t give so much effort. In a second, it fits in your standard luggage.

This cover protects luggage strongly & gives the extra layer of protection against scratches. You will become calm at the time of the tour. It keeps your luggage safe from damages and scratches.

Most of the best luggage covers have one benefit that is water-resistant. Suddenly if you are stuck in the road, you don’t need to worry. Because the travel suitcase cover saves your all item in your baggage. 


  • This baggage cover is composed of 15% spandex and 85% polyester.
  • Size of the suitcase 10.5 x 19 x 27 inches
  • Its weight 11.2 ounces
  •  Four sizes available to fit any luggage
  • Do not worry about friction.
  • Imported from the USA
  • 2 openings side
  • It’s simple to store and transport. 
  • Printed with a fashionable pattern


  • It’s pretty fashionable and totally fits.
  • The material is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • It’s easy to put on and take off
  • Travel suitcase cover easy to wash combination.
  • It protects the suitcase from scuffs and damages
  • The belt underneath added extra safety
  • The cover has a lovely feel.
  • Adds beauty


  • The bag may have problems rolling properly sometimes

This luggage is also easily machine washable. I cleaned my suitcase a few days ago after coming hometown from the trip. Because the cover becomes dirt. I clean this with water. You can also use it many times after cleaning. 

If you travel frequently, you will almost certainly need a cover. So that the cover keeps your luggage away from damages and bumps and gives you long-lasting service. Also it has waterproof cover. The travel suitcase protective cover gives you these benefits.

If you need to know about this cover, you can ask me in the comment below. I will help you. Ok???

If you want to buy a luggage cover for your business trip, this plain black cover is ideal for you. Because no one goes with the fun or colorful luggage cover on an official trip. Right???

The durable material of hojax spandex travel luggage cover saves your belongings at airlines. I was impressed with the superior sublimation quality. Because it makes the pattern more realistic and brighter color.

I also gave suggestions to my brother to buy it. Because he gives priority to protection, not the presentation. He bought it and have gone on his business tour. He called me and said, ” you give the best suggestions for a suitcase cover. I am so happy.”

You can get on both right and left-handed side openings. The side and top handles, and the telescoping handle, have openings in the material.


  • It built on 92% polyester and 8% Spandex
  • The Dimension is 12.01 x 7.99 x 0.98 inches
  • Its weight 6.1 ounces
  • The material is thick, soft, and flexible.
  • Opening on two sides
  • High-quality printing
  • Great elasticity and plenty of flexibility


  • The print is sublimated and does not turn white when stretched.
  • It’s a fantastic method to keep your luggage looking brand new.
  • Find the bags on the carousel fast.
  • It appears to be a high-quality product.
  • The cover is snug but not overly so it ensures long-term durability.
  • The product is well-made and has better stitching than similar products.
  • It’s made of a thick material that’s quite durable


  • It’s a little tight
  • Clips are made with plastic

Measure the size of your suitcase and take it according to the size. Because the wrong size luggage cover won’t fit in your suit bag. 

It doesn’t allow the soil inside of your belongings. The hojax spandex travel luggage cover fights for your suitcase against dirt. You also don't worry about rain because it is waterproof cover. Anyone can use it because it simple to put and take off.

With this cover, are you prepared for your upcoming tour?

You can trust this protector case cover. Because it is a highly rated product and well-priced cover. This cover won’t disappoint you.

If you are interested in a simple style, it can be an amazing luggage cover for you. It provides you better quality than any other cheaper luggage cover. Many luggage covers get ripped after some days even though they are stylish.

I want to introduce this gigabit protector baggage cover. It is famous for its hardness and long-term durability. Gigabit is not only durable luggage cover but also lightweight. You don’t feel pain at the time of dragging luggage at the airport.

It protects your suit bag from water, bumps, and other ruins. This luggage protective luggage is scratch-resistant. If your baggage gets scratch by other’s baggage, this cover’s layer of protection saves your case. 


  • This beautiful luggage cover built on premium PVC
  • Dimensions of gigabit 10.78 x 7.83 x 1.18 inches
  • The manufacturer of this baggage is GigabitBest
  • Its weight is 8.8 ounces
  • The bag cover is extremely bright.
  • It could avoid your luggage from lost


  • It’s thick and water-resistant.
  • This cover is far more protective of luggage than elastic cloth covers.
  • Prevented from any dirt or oil
  •  The strong, clear metal appears to be quite sturdy.
  • The openings line up with the lift straps and are well-handled.
  • Large Velcro flaps at the bottom ensure a secure fit.
  • It does not obstruct the wheels 


  • It’s not huge so it doesn’t add a lot of weight
  • It might be a tighter fit
  • It’s a little wide and deep, but it’s fine for an enlarged bag. 

If you want to buy it, please check the cover size and width of the baggage. Otherwise, you face difficulties with that cover. Measure the suitcase and check the size. Still, you have a problem with it, you need to contact customer service. 

The color is brighter and shiny of gigabit protector baggage cover. So you can simply identify your baggage at the suitcase claim. And your suitcase won’t be lost in a crowded place. 

At the time of fitting, place the luggage cover into your baggage. Then, on the bottom of the luggage, press the velcros. Thus the cover fits perfectly with your case.

Do you find the protective luggage cover that meets your demand? Then the bigcardesigns fashion cover is an excellent choice for you.

This luggage cover ready to save your suitcase from damages. It provides amazing function. Around 28 inches in size, it fits perfectly. This cover protects luggage from scratches. If your luggage piece is that size, it can be an ideal cover. 

The great feature of bigcardesigns fashion travel luggage protector cover is washing. It is really simple to clean this cover. You can wash it without any effort. It also looks brand new after washing.

You really like its attractive designs. You can locate it for this design at the baggage carousel without any effort. This shelter can be long-lasting if you take some care of it. The luggage stand protected from rust by using this cover.

The matching luggage tag is provided with this cover. So your suitcase will become more stylish.


  • This luggage developed on 15% spandex and 85% polyester
  •  The Dimension of Bigcardesigns is 8.55 x 6.4 x 1.1 inches
  • Its weight 4.6 ounces
  • Fashion design and high-definition digital printing
  • Customized designs are encouraged.
  • Zipper closing is strong and durable. 


  • Definitely not a thin material
  • It’s really obvious to identify on the conveyer belt
  • Bigcardesigns cover is handy to use.
  • It come's with easy to wash combination
  • This cover was constructed with the most durable materials
  • The fabric is flexible.
  • It’s elegant and protects you from a variety of factors.
  • Perfect fit with zipper bottom
  • Stain-resistant, colorful, and simple 


  • After the first use, there are few holes, but it is still useable
  • Unfortunately, it won’t fit a case greater than 28 inches in length 

After using this digital print cover, your mood will be great during the trip. If your luggage is old, it gives your suitcase a better look. Or if your suitcase is new, it saves your suitcase from dirt and prevent dust. Also assure you maximum protection.

For this reason this suitcase cover is more preferable from the best luggage covers. The other people also become attracted to seeing your luggage at the airport.  

I found it more unique than any other cover. Cover pattern may vary because of the different sizes of the baggage. As four size is available, you can take one of them according to your luggage size.

You can use this suitcase cover again and again. So use this nice luggage cover and reduce your pain during the trip.

Suppose you want to go on an international trip and you want a good-looking cover. Then travelkin luggage cover will solve your problem. Because it comes with numerous stylish looks. It is also attractive and fashionable looks.

Once I was traveling on holiday. There are many people who give me a compliment about this cover. They said to me, "you have the stunning suit bag cover."

The travelkin luggage cover retains the quality of the function as well as the appearance.and the appearance. Because it effectively saves the baggage from dirt and scratches.

 It is a well-made product with durability. It will give you maximum protection to your luggage. So you don't need to be concern about your baggage.


  • Travelkin baggage cover made of 8% spandex and 92% polyester fibre
  • There are four sizes adjusted to suit practically any suitcase
  • Zippered openings on the top and sides
  • Cover has 300 grams elastic material
  • Its dimensions 11.6 x 9.6 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight of the cover 7.2 ounces
  • Variety of colors are available

You know what? You will be confused when you go to buy a luggage cover. Because there are many suit bag cover is available. So I am helping you for choosing the best luggage cover.


  • Print is well-made and eye-catching.
  • Stretchy fabric with a bottom buckle and zipper.
  • The colors are bright and attractive.
  • Different design options available.
  • Travelkin hold up great with suit bag
  • It is so stylish and sturdyPrices are affordable for everyone.
  • The luggage is easily identifiable.
  • Washable and quick-drying coverThe patterns are adorable.  


  • Unzipping the side zippers is little difficult.

It comes with 4-size. If you have the best luggage setyou can buy different sizes of covers for your suitcase. Your luggage set also will become a similar color and style. It would be recommendable to see your suitcase set.

You can use the travelkin luggage cover over and over without any hurdles. When the cover becomes dirt, you can use it by cleaning it. Thus you can use the protective luggage cover in long term.

The zipper is well placed for easy access. You can open the baggage from two sides. Isn't it easy for lifting???

It comes with 4-size. If you have the best luggage set, you can buy different sizes of covers for your suitcase. Your luggage set also will become a similar color and style. It would be suitable to see your luggage set. You can use the travelkin luggage cover time after time without any obstructions. When the cover becomes dirt, you can use it by cleaning it. Thus you can use the protective luggage cover in long term.

The zipper is well placed for easy access. You can open the baggage from two sides. Isn't it easy for lifting???

Want different styles of luggage cover??? Then explore land travel suitcase cover is ideal for you. 

There are 7 different styles are available in this protective luggage cover. They are not only color changed but also entire style changed. These covers have their uniqueness. These covers also have an interesting and attractive design.

I like most its one feature that is double stitching. Explore land cover is double-stitched, high-elastane material. So these covers are more durable than any other cover. This impressive double stitching feature makes this cover unique. It also will be your long-lasting product. 

It is a budget-friendly suitcase shelter. Although reasonable price, it is very effective to prevent dust. Most cheap luggage doesn’t give durability. Keep in mind this.


  • It is built on 15% spandex and 85% polyester.
  • Dimensions of this cover 9 x 6.8 x 1 inches
  • This cover’s weight 0.352 ounces
  • The manufacturer of this luggage cover is Explore Land
  • There are four sizes to fit practically every suitcase.
  • High-quality sublimation 
  • Have durable 250 grams material


  • On the conveyer belt, it’s easy to spot The fabric is quite stretchable.
  • Painters tape and scotch tape stick very well
  • The zip closure makes it easy to go on and off.
  • They will be qualified for the money
  • It has perfect side openings.
  • They are very well built, strong and durable.
  • The color is fantastic and simple to use.
  • It’s a cute and fashionable look.
  • The price is quite affordable.  


  • There are a few minor rips  

Explore land travel suitcase cover is affordable, unique style at the same time most durable. It is a combination of good quality. Your pain can be reduced if you use this nice luggage cover. You can take that suit with your choice.

This cover has side handles, top side handles, and telescoping handles. Due to this, you can hold the luggage easily. 

You don’t have to be concerned about figuring your luggage at the baggage claim. Because you find easily your unique stylish suit bag cover. Another benefit of this cover is it washable. You can clean and wash it by washing machine. 

Are you impressed with its feature?? If yes, share with me which feature you like most in Explore land travel suitcase cover.

Are you a stylish traveler??? Then you can't ignore WUJIAONIAO Travel Luggage Cover. Because it has a unique design and pattern. I am sure, its eye-catching style attracts the people in the airport. You can spot your suitcase quickly.

Polyester and spandex are top-quality materials. They are much durable. WUJIAONIAO cover made of this material. You can get rid from all tension of stolen. Because your suitcase will fully secure. It also gives the suit bag protection against dust.

My sister was suffering from her luggage. She was finding a protective luggage cover which gives her suitcase an extra layer of protection. Then I suggested to her that she could buy Then I suggested to her that she could buy WUJIAONIAO Travel Luggage Cover for her standard luggage.

a few days earlier, she come back from the trip. Then she appreciated me. She said to me that she has traveled stress-free.

She just came from her trip a few days ago. Then she expressed gratitude to me. She told me that she has traveled stress-free.


  • This suitcase cover is manufactured from 15% Spandex and 85% Polyester
  • Have 320 grams durable material
  • There are four sizes available.
  • Design with two-sided opening
  • Design that is unique and extremely flexible
  • Fits luggage with both left and right handles
  • Colors & Patterns in a Variety of Shades
  • Reusable and washable


  • The colors are vibrant and quality appears to be decent.
  • Providing two layers of protection and increased stability
  • Putting and removing the cover with ease
  • Design that is suitable for travel
  • Resistance to scratches and dirt
  • It's a beautiful, thick material
  • Material is soft and elastic.
  • Good to identify the suit bagFabric with a nice appearance
  • Keep luggage clean 


  • The fabric is little heavy  

So what are thinking? Use it and enjoy the hassle-free trip. Decorate your luggage pieces with this nice and attractive cover. It is also easy to use. You can simply put and take off the WUJIAONIAO Travel Luggage Cover.

If you take care of this suitcase cover, it can be long-lasting. It also has a dual-side opening. The cover has quick access zipper openings. Its performance will keep away you from tension. And you can enjoy your entire trip. WUJIAONIAO Travel Luggage Cover also maintains the protection balance of your suitcase.

You can use any of the stunning design covers. I hope you will choose the best. Right???


What is the greatest way to get the best suitcase cover?

Is your suitcase getting damaged after a trip? Are you finding a good suitcase cover? I understand what's on your thoughts right now. One of my expensive pieces of luggage was ruined after just one trip. So I will tell you what factors you should look for when you take off your luggage cover.


The first thought enters my mind when purchasing a product is the cost of the product. Everyone wants to buy a high-quality item at an affordable price.

And Amazon is a very good platform to buy at an affordable price. Here you can compare prices with different sellers and buy the best-priced products.

Product quality

Product quality is a must at the time of buying cover. Many time you need to give attention quality of the design. Otherwise, your cover can get ripped. I think you choose the best quality suitcase cover. Am I right?

In above we were discussing about some best luggage protector covers.


You should pay attention to the brand when you go to buy luggage. A good brand can give you a good cover for your convenience. Some of the best luggage covers will be showed. So that you can choose the best cover for you.


When buying a luggage cover you must know about the function of that cover. Because the activities of each cover are somewhat different from each other. Which you already know by reading the features of the cover above.

If not, first of all I recommend you to read it. Then choose a suitable baggage cover for you.

Is Luggage Cover Effective?

Definitely. Luggage cover is effective but if they're not flimsy.

Many people buy the flimsy cover. Then they thought the luggage cover doesn't work. And they don't buy. The fragile cover can't protect the suitcase. They won't be worth money.

But if you choose the durable and best luggage covers, your suitcase will secure all the time on the trip. Those shelters give the suit bag an extra layer of protection. Also they are scratch resistant. Due to this, you receive good value for your money.

As they are all bright colors, they become simple to spot at the baggage claim. So that you can simply recognize your suitcase in a crowded place.

A good quality suitcase cover gives your baggage all kinds of protection. Such as water, dirt, dust, bumps, grease. On most trips, zip pulls and handles of the baggage get cracked or ripped off. At this time the cover solves your problem.

So you can tell this durable, elastic, stylish luggage cover is so effective for your trip.

Which Luggage Cover Brands Are The Best?

Some brands are popular for luggage covers. They always provide a good quality suit bag cover. That luggage cover's features are qualified for protection. Several luggage are featured with water resistant.

Let's know some of the brands:

About Samsonite

People face many difficulties to choose for own use. Because there are already many best luggage covers in the market. Samsonite one of them. It's come with strong luggage stand.

Samsonite brand not only focuses on build luggage but also build trust and confidence. They make every effort in order to provide you with the finest quality service. They create the luggage cover so that There is no reason to be anxious about your safety.

This brand works day by day with its innovative knowledge. They already gain the customer's trust and faith. For many years, they keep a combination of dependability, durability, style of their product.

If you desire a stress-free journey, you can trust them. They will provide you with the greatest product service possible.


The best feature of bigcarjob brand is its high quality and stunning appearance. When you go on a fun trip or holiday trip, you need the product of this brand.

There are several types of cover available here. All the luggage covers have a nice design sense and unique style. And made with durable material. It is also water resistant.

They also provide diverse products, such as backpacks, baggage, automotive accessories, unisex shoes, household products, and clothes. They become a more well-known and trusted brand.

About TravelKin

This brand is giving us service for 10 years. The construction, design, and sale of outdoor, vacation and personal protective equipment is their core area of business.

They also provide digital printing equipment. Travelkin luggage cover is amazing. It is one of the top branded cover from the best luggage covers. It has a variety of cover colors and styles. I love these covers. Do you know about this brand? Please let me know in the comments box.

What are the advantage of using the best luggage cover?

Maintain your luggage's cleanliness:

Have you seen the dirty luggage at the airport? I really saw a lot of dirt suitcases. They don't have any luggage cover or cleaning system. Some of them feel uneasy about their suitcase. If you experience this situation, you must know it is a shameful situation.

That's why luggage cover is so essential. It maintains wonderfully the cleanliness of your suitcase. The cover protects the suitcase against dirt and soil.

Keep your luggage clean with the best suitcase cover.

Boost your security

Want to secure the suitcase during the trip? Then shelter is ideal for you. A durable cover saves your belongings from stolen.

When I travel, one fear comes to my mind. That is stolen. So I decided to purchase a suitcase cover. Then I bought a luggage cover and it solves my problem. From then, I regularly use the suitcase cover.

I think you also face this difficulty. So you can also buy a luggage cover and ensure the security of the luggage. Can you do this???

To assist you in recognizing your luggage

I've already said enough about this. Because It has a significant impact in finding the baggage carousel.

This content will help to get one from the best luggage covers.

There have many suitcases in the airport. And many are similar to others. So it's difficult to recognize own. By having a plain and simple color suitcase, you can't pick up your case quickly.

If others take away your luggage by mistake, you will get in trouble. You may lose your suitcase. That's why you should take a unique luggage cover. It really assist you to find your suit bag.

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