7 best luggage sets you shouldn’t miss out on this 2023

Many of my pals were going through the same thing. They are frequent travelers. That’s why they need to go to various places. Sometimes they go with their family. So they need to luggage. 

One day they ask to me, “What can we do now?”

I said that only the luggage set can help you. There has some luggage best luggage set.

Then they again ask me, “which luggage sets are best?”

I told them the name of the suitcase set. They buy one of those. Now they are very happy with the 4 or 3-piece set. They sometimes go on a vacation with the suitcase set. Some buy hardside luggage sets and some buy softside luggage sets.

In this context, I am going to tell you about the 7 best luggage sets. You can also choose one of them. Buy one of the suit bags so that you don’t need individual pieces. It has the potential to save your money. You can also go with different size bags in different places. 

Read more to know the details.

Do you want luggage those are typically designed for protecting your belongings?????

Don’t worry!! Coolife luggage has the ability to protect your travel accessories in every place. 

Coolife 3 piece set has 360-degree spinner wheels and telescopic handles. For this reason, you can move in an easy way at the busy airport. They have also a hard exterior. It ensures the maximum protection of your personal items.

You can get so much potential packing space on both the top and the bottom sides. For organizing, A zippered central divider between upper and bottom packaging, tie-down straps, and a deep and long mesh pocket are among the inside features.

This durable luggage comes with a secure lock TSA system. TSA locking mechanism helps to travel without any tension. You can enjoy your weekend trip with this hardside luggage.


  • Package Dimensions: 30.71 x 19.29 x 12.6 inches
  • The weight of this luggage pieces is 26 Pounds
  • Manufacturer is coolife
  • They are made of 100% durable ABS material
  • Two Years Warranty
  • Improve With TSA-Approved Lock
  • Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle
  • Tie-down straps and mesh compartments are included


  • Coolife luggage moves with ease
  • The packing is fantastic
  • They glide effortlessly
  • Affordable price
  • Color combination is beautiful
  • This baggage is light and easy to roll
  • The zippers are simple to use
  • Telescopic handle is securely locked in place
  • Very Spacious and the 360-wheels are really comfortable
  • The contents are properly protected by the strong shells
  • Wheel’s capacity to endure diverse rough surfaces.
  • There are no problems with the locking mechanism
  • The handle makes it simple to store on boats and trains


  • This piece of luggage get scratched easily
  • Not as flexible as soft-sided suitcases

Coolife 3 piece suitcase set has a unique surface so that it always looking like the brand. It also hides any scuffs and scratches on the suitcase. It is affordable luggage for everyone.

 If you want to go on a family tour, it can be perfect luggage for you.

One of my favorite proportions of the suitcase is the merax travelhouse. Recently I buy this set for air travel. I get much peace with this suitcase. All member was happy with their luggage.

The packing section of the suitcase is larger. That’s you can fit more items into this without straining the zips. 

To ensure easy movement, multi-directional silent spinner wheels are great. This 3-piece set has this feature. It allows you easy to maneuver in a stable upright and flat position.

The product has several types of color. You can choose the mix and match option. The upright box design is enhanced by a shiny surface. So it provides you fashionable look at the airport.


  • 3-piece luggage sizes: 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches
  • 5 years worldwide warranty 
  • This three-piece set is constructed from ABS material.
  • The handle of merax travelhouse luggage is made of sturdy aluminum
  • Strong, stable, and perfectly usable
  • Silent spinner wheels with multiple directions
  • Full-capacity square design with adjustable capability


  • It is simple to move
  • It comes in excellent wrapping
  • The color and design are lovely
  • This luggage’s exterior is quite classical
  • Adjustable straps and a durable canvas material
  • The shells are really light and beautiful to look at
  • Strong handles are also included with the suitcase
  • They look great because of their bright color
  • All of the wheels, zippers, handles, and inside work flawlessly
  • The three larger pieces of luggage all have combination locks
  • Components are simple to store inside another container


  • There is a design flaw
  • luggage is very flimsy
  • The fabric over the handle came off easily

We, the entire family will go on vacation. Our packing is ready. The packing capacity is fascinating. So we can pack the additional items. Its inside amuses us because it let us organize beautifully everything. All my neighbor was giving the compliment for this luggage.

It is quite durable than any other suitcase. You can choose which you prefer. Because there is a variety of color options available. I buy the black color. 

You can also try this for your family. If you are a frequent traveler, you’ll love this luggage.

Do you want to travel without any stress and worry? Then keep with you Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set.

Frequent travelers use this luggage for its eye-catching color and beautiful design. This set very durable and functional solution. I know you don't want to replace the suitcase at the airport. This luggage is long-lasting. You can travel many years with it.

The Rockland Fashion Softside Luggage Set is made of 100% polyester fabric. It ensures the security of your delicate items. Not only the carry-on upright but also the flight tote bag created of the heavy-duty, high count fabric with EVA. You can feel tension-free during the whole trip by using this luggage.

Rockland fashion suitcase has a clear inline skate wheel system. It provides you smooth glide. When you travel onto a flight or throughout the journey, the maneuverability of the baggage becomes the important thing. So it doesn't disturb you for rolling at the airlines.

You can easily arrange your cloth in this suitcase. If you are a busy traveler, you can use it. In front, there are two pockets. It is secured with zippers that help you to hold valuable items. In the center, there are three pockets. Here you can organize your belongings and can find the items simply.


  • Its made of Polyester
  • Its dimensions 8 x 13 x 19 inches
  • Its weight is 6.89 pounds
  • The manufacturer of this soft side luggage is fox Luggage
  • The handle material is Aluminum


  • Affordable luggage
  • The set was fantastic and lasted a long time.
  • Accommodate a wide range of clothes
  • It has a lot of storage space
  • Stitching is excellent
  • The suitcase was simple to close
  • Easy to press it
  • Handle with height adjustment
  • The pattern choices are a pleasant addition
  • Wheels roll smoothly


  • The expandable handle seems to be a little fragile
  • Zippers don't seem to be particularly strong

At last, I say this Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set is a great combination set of the suitcase to hold your travel accessories. This bag meets the airline regulations and it can be your great value of money. 

For the eye-catching colors and designs, it is easy to find at the baggage carousel. You can carry it in the shop or market in an easy way.

My friend with his family was too happy with this soft luggage set. Because they recently came with the holiday. He said that they don't face any difficulties during the trip and enjoy themselves fully with the Rockland Fashion luggage set.

If you can go on a long flight or weekend trip, this budget-friendly luggage set is perfect.

Do you want lightweight and reliable luggage at a low cost? 

Rockland journey softside upright luggage set can be best for you. Manufacturers design it as a budget-friendly option. 

You find a variety of color choices in this set like bold color, standard color. There are also different prints and styles. For this design, you can ensure that your softside luggage doesn’t fall easily. Thus your item stays safe from damage.

This three-piece set is large so that you can take your needs in one package. You can organize your belongings and pack them nicely and easily. This soft side luggage set to access it easier for any kind of journey. 

This suitcase is made of durable and strong polyester material. For this reason, your belongings don’t disperse over the airport. I know if the item is scattered, it feels annoying. Right???


  • Product Dimensions of Rockland journey set are 18.11 x 11.42 x 29.92 inches
  • Constructed with a patented heavy duty EVA-molded hi-count fabric
  • Its weight is 13 pounds
  • The manufacturer is fox Luggage
  • Come with skate wheels
  • Expandable and Fully lined bag
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Bottom stability bars to prevent bending


  • Lots of storage space
  • Zippers and pockets of excellent quality
  • They’re not heavy and nice-looking
  • Fabric is long-lasting
  • The set of luggage can hold a lot of stuff
  • Easy to roll and spot
  • This baggage is super strong and easy to carry
  • Expandable luggage with several pockets
  • The color is really beautiful
  • Numerous features, such as straps and lining
  • This two-wheeler performs well
  •  Affordable price
  • This 4- piece luggage set is sturdy


  • Each bag is a bit flimsy
  • The wheels are old in design
  • Material is pretty cheap

Rockland journey softside upright luggage set is not only affordable but also stylish. There are available many different designs and styles here. You can take whatever you want. On the luggage carousel, you can easily find this softside luggage set.

It is an on-budget suitcase and it will serve you well. But don’t overpack in this case. Otherwise, something may fall. If you attend of them, it can be long-lasting. Then you can go with this baggage on the business trip.

I am really impressed after using it. I think its styles can also amuse you.

U.S traveler Rio's rugged fabric expandable carry-on luggage set is perfect for that traveler who likes to take just carry-on luggage. It is also superb for those who want to travel with just cabin luggage.

This luggage set makes your trip comfortable, enjoyable, and stressless. You can keep your luggage on hand all the time. For this, you don't wait for your baggage at the baggage claim. You can also carry the Rio luggage to shops, airlines, planes wherever you want.

The U.S traveler Rio's rugged suitcase is designed to be lighter, elegant, small, and simple to use, and it succeeds in most of these areas. It provides a functional solution. 

There is a telescoping handle and skate wheels. With the help of that, you can easily move to the airport. In this Rio's rugged suitcase, exterior pockets play an important role. Because it makes it easy to access the item that you want to pack.


  • U.S carry-on suitcase set made of luxurious superior 1200 Denier rigid Polyester
  • Its dimensions are Tote Bag measures 14"W x 10"H x 6" D
  • The rolling bag measures 21"H x 13.5"W x 7.5" D
  • The manufacturer of this soft side luggage is Travelers Choice
  • 25% more packing capacity.
  • Its weight is 7.65 pounds
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • The smaller bag fits perfectly on top of the larger bag
  • Inexpensive and available different color
  • They're fantastic at rolling 
  • The wheels functioned properly
  • It's simple to fill.
  • These cases hold lots of cloth
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • This suitcase is quite durable and well-made
  • The fabric is sufficient
  • Meet the standards for airline carry-on luggage
  • The attachable second bag is fantastic


  • The telescoping handle gets a little stuck
  • One of the little bags had a hole between the compartments
  • They might become front-heavy and fall forward when filled

You can choose from a variety of eye-catching colors. There are also available different styles of the U.S traveler Rio's rugged suitcase. You can take it according to your choice. 

The numerous internal and external compartments will keep your luggage tidy and your vacation stress-free, as simple access to your travel needs will ensure a comfortable ride.

Its storage option impressed me. I had stored many things like books, magazines, and other travel accessories. It helps me to organize in a fantastic way. 

The U.S traveler Rio's rugged suitcase is also low-budget luggage. I like its price range. Anyone can buy it.

If you save your money and want high-quality luggage, the U.S traveler Rio's rugged fabric expandable carry-on luggage is the best.

Need the luggage where fit all the stuff, durable and good looking? Then Travelpro Maxlite 5-Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage, 3-Piece Set is perfect for you.

This softshell suitcase has an expandable feature. It is expandable by 2 inches. So it makes it easy for you to fit all your essentials. The Maxlite 5 suitcase set is made of polyester which is a strong material.

You can find several good things about travelpro. Its performance, design, colors, value can impress everyone.

Spinner wheels are one of the nicest qualities of a baggage set. The wheels rotate 360 degrees for multidirectional motion. It provides you an easy feel during the tour. This luggage comes with a top side and bottom carry-on handles. You are free to move everything you wish for this.

I like the color of the travelpro the Maxlite 5 suitcase set. They come in some nice and solid colors. The colors are bright, making them easy to spot at the baggage claim. You can choose any of those colors.


  •   Dimension of the suitcase 23 x 14.5 x 9 inches
  • The suitcase's weight 5.4 pounds
  • This soft side luggage manufacturer is Travelpro International Inc.
  • Maxlite 5 is built strong using lightweight materials
  • A Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Tapered expansion capability of up to 2"


  • This soft-sided luggage is made of the lightweight parachute
  • Water-resistant material
  • Easy to carry and take off on trains and planes
  • Compact size of this suitcase fits with airline requirements
  • It can be pushed, dragged, or rotated about places with ease
  • Handle is adjustable to different heights
  • The luggage has a contoured design for pleasure and grip
  • 4-wheels allows effortless movement and steering
  • The suitcase is strong and well-balanced
  • With the spinning wheels, it rolled smoothly
  • There are numerous storage pockets
  • Easy to find the bags at the airport
  • Luggage may be readily lifted using top and side carry handles
  • The suitcase can be carried in any situation
  • Expandable compartment allows maximum packing capacity
  • The inside storage compartment contains 2 straps to keep clothing


  • The case's zipper is barely stuck on the corners
  • It's simply too big for regular travel

The customer service team of the travelpro the Maxlite 5 suitcase set is great. They are always ready to help the user and provides them the best service.

If you worry about your packing, you're in right place. You don't need to worry. Because the Maxlite 5 helps you to pack everything you need. As a consequence, you don't need to leave anything behind. I appreciate its packing power.

This luggage is lightweight and easy to use. Your long trip will be easy for the travelpro luggage set. You can also get here intelligent packing flexibility.

You can use it for your next enjoyable journey.

Need a luggage set that comes with plenty of innovative features? Then the travel select Amsterdam expandable rolling upright pieces are ideal for you.

This luggage set is designed with durable material and tough polyester. It also expands well. You can get extra space for packing. But at the time of packing, know the maximum size restrictions.

The travel select Amsterdam expandable suitcase comes with a modern design. I think you will impress to see its design.


  • Dimensions of the set 12 x 18 x 29 inches
  • Luggage set weight 24.4 pounds
  • The set is made of 1200 D 2-tone polyester
  • Several zipped pockets on the front
  • Inline skate wheels are included with the upright suitcase
  • The set offers a bag clasp
  • A high-quality extendable handle
  • Inline wheels with decent value


  • Decent size at the price
  • The lock is include
  • Well-crafted and looks nice
  • The baggage is not too heavy
  • It can hold a lot of staff
  • The luggage has a lot of depth for extra space
  • Strong zippers and has edge protection
  • Many colors are available
  • The suitcase is quite durable
  • Provides Good Value at a Reasonable Price


  • It's not super high quality pretty fast

There are many suit bag sets but they might not fit with you. You can rid of travel hassle after choosing an ideal suitcase pair.

The locking system is great of this upright suitcase. It protects beautifully your belongings. One should ensure the lock features of their packing bags. It worth your investment.

You can find several pockets after opening the baggage. As it expands 25% extra, you can pack extra outfits easily in those interior pockets.

If you want to go on a longer or holiday trip, it can perfect for you.


Why should you buy a baggage set?

When you buy a luggage set, you are investing in travel. You might think the luggage set is too expensive. But if you buy some single suitcase, you need more money. You can travel many years after buying a good quality luggage set.

There are various reasons to buy a luggage set. Now I discuss some of the reason below:

A variety of kinds:

When you buy a baggage set, you have various size options. At the time of the trip packing, you have the flexibility. You can pick the suit bag according to your travel.

If you plan to go on a longer tour, you can pick the larger suitcase among the set. At the time of a small tour, go with the tote bag. You don't have the freedom if you buy one carry-on size suitcase.

The pricing:

If you frequently travel with family, the luggage set is perfect for you. You may save money and time by doing so. So why can't you invest in a pair?

Combined or matching set

Have you faced difficulties at the baggage carousel in finding the suit bag? Again, if your family member has different types of suitcases, it's so difficult to spot. Right??

So isn't it good to stick one color and style? I think it is the best option when you travel with the two-piece set.

How to Pick the Best Suitcase set?

There are many luggage sets available. But does each set the perfect for you?

I saw many people who regret buying the wrong suitcase. I hope you don't choose the inappropriate packing bags. That's why I try to give some tips about the best luggage set.

You can ask the below question at the time of purchasing luggage:

Is the luggage is soft-sided or hard-sided?

You buy the pair at your personal preference. Because they both have pros and cons.

Hard sided luggage is good for protecting your belongings. They are water-resistance and don't get stains. This suitcase also comes with side-mounted TSA locks and spinner wheels. But they heavier and not flexible.

On the other hand, softside suitcase is very lightweight and flexible. It has a max capacity so that you can go along much staff. You can extra pack here because it expands better.

Is the luggage set has spinner wheels?

It is very important to know that. You might rush at airlines. Then you want the luggage that spins well. Right???

Spinner wheels are easy to pull, push, roll. You can also save from pain of back and shoulders.

We choose some best hard side spinner wheel luggage. You can check it.

Does it fulfill your needs?

You should carefully think about it. You must inquire of yourself, "how many pieces of luggage I need?" "Do I need the feature of what I'm going to buy?"

You don't need to extra piece. Buy only which of you require.

Is the luggage set material are durable?

If the suit bag is not made of strong material, your money not worth it. You should take materials like polycarbonate, ABS, and polypropylene.

Strong material gives you the protection of your belongings. There also another material is nylon. It saves your staff from raining.

You choose which Is right for you.

What is the ideal number of pieces for a luggage set?

It depends on several things. Such as your family will join or not, what type of trip, how long the trip? You can use a 2-piece suitcase if you travel frequently or shorter trip.

At the time of the family holiday, 5-piece luggage is best for you. Because then you need more than one or two checked suitcases.

Another thing you should consider that where you go. If there isn't space to store the pair, you face trouble. So you should  know about the room space. According to space, take the set.

What Luggage Set Size Do I Require?

Everyone needs a different size of luggage set. Are you a businessman, leisure traveler, or weekender? Because they require different suit bag sets. You also need to know your suitcase size.

If you are a businessman, you obviously need some additional items. You need to pack some extra suits, shoes, travel essentials and so on. So you need to 3-piece suitcase set. Packing in 3-piece set enough for you. Then you don't keep anything left behind.

You need to keep several things in mind at the time of casual travel. Choose the set size on a few acts. Such as, how long will your trip take? or What sort of shopping do you intend to do while you're on vacation? You need to take with you a larger set for the longer tour. Then you need to 4-piece set.

If you are a weekend traveler, I think a 3-piece set is good for you. You pack here your essentials. You can take the expandable luggage if your plan is shopping. And you should keep the space to pack those items.

When I go on the trip, I keep in mind all that things.

If you go with a suit bag set according to the requirements, you don't face difficulties during the trip.

What should you do to keep your set in good condition?

You obviously don't want the suitcase pair to become destroyed. Because you can invest high budget luggage set. So you should take care of your set.

Follow these tips:

1. Don't overpack. Do you know? Extra packing wastes your investment. Wheels, the zipper can break. In the airport, you have to give fees for overpacking.

2. Clean your packing bags. Your suitcase will look old if you do not clean the baggage set. Many cleaning solutions are available. You can use a vacuum to clean the interior's dust. Or you can also use a soft cloth for cleaning.

3. Keep the suitcase dry place. However, keep in mind that the set should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight can destroy the color of the suit bag. So keep the cool and dry place.

Is it possible for you to make your own set?

You might don't want the full set. Then you can buy two individual pieces and make your own set. If you have one, buy additional luggage.

You can take similar color and a quite similar style. My friend did it last month. This also looks good. I will also try it. Will you do this? Inform me in the comment section.

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