The 8 Best Samsonite luggage that blows your mind

If anyone asks me for saying a reliable luggage brand, I will say to him about samsonite. Over a decade, people know samsonite as a hardworking and innovative brand. 

Samsonite builds confidence by giving the best Samsonite luggage. They offer duffel bags, casual bags, backpacks, hardside, and softside luggage. Their practical design and color are fantastic. You can take one which suits you and your personality. Because samsonite comes in different sizes, colors, shapes.

There is also some weak samsonite luggage. That’s why many people face a problem. Because they can’t choose the best product. So I am here to solve your problem. I’m going to help you to choose the best samsonite suitcase.

In this content, you will know about the top 8 samsonite luggage. You also know why you purchase a Samsonite suitcase and others questions. So that you may purchase the finest product possible.

Want sturdy luggage with affordable prices? Then samsonite Omni pc luggage is a great option for you. 

This hardshell luggage ensures to fill all the requirements in most airlines. As a result, you should not be bothered about the additional luggage cost. Samsonite Omni is strong and damage-resistance because it is constructed of micro-diamond polycarbonate. It provides the perfect protection for your travel accessories. 

The TSA lock is one of the most essential key features. It ensures the safety of your belongings. These TSA locks also ease your journey. No one wants to take hassle during the tour. If you have TSA approved lock, only you and the TSA agent can access the items. Thus your belongings stay safe.

Samsonite Omni comes with additional packing space. So you can carry items for 4 to 5 days trip. If you need to pack extra some important things, you can use the expandable feature. Because it comes with few inches of expanding packing space.


  • Samsonite Omni is made of the lightest 100% polycarbonate
  • Scratch-resistant textures combine in the Samsonite Omni PC.
  • Packing Dimensions of this samsonite: 19″ x 14.5″ x 9.5″
  • Overall Dimensions: 22″ x 15″ x 9.5″ and weight: 6.81 lbs
  • Fits with the majority of carry-on requirements
  • Four oversized multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Easily maneuverable with push-button locking
  • The design incorporates more capacity.
  • Limited Warranty of 10 year 


  • This suitcase is strong and durable
  • It appears to be stylish and brandable
  • The handle is lengthy and easy to remove
  • Smooth and easy to roll
  • It holds a lot of stuff
  • Easy interior components and good lock
  • Excellent package and deal
  • It’s quite simple to travel with
  • Simple to pack, and the quality is outstanding
  • The dimensions are ideal
  • Easy to spot at baggage claim
  • Samsonite Omni has plenty of space
  • The suitcase is extremely light


  • There is no built-in luggage tag
  • No instructions for installing the locks

This hardside suitcase has multi directional spinner wheel for enhanced mobility. It makes simplify the movement at the airport. You can move the samsonite cases in different directions. 

Samsonite also comes in a mixture of colors. Those bright colors help you to spot and stand out in the baggage claim. 

You can give many types of tours with Samsonite Omni Pc hardside baggage. Such as family vacations, weekend trips, 5 day-long trips. This hard shell luggage is both stylish and comfortable. Its interior compartment makes it easier to organize the items. 

You know what? Samsonite solyte DLX is one of my favorites luggage. After reading the feature of this suitcase, I really love it. I know this softside luggage can eliminate your problem.

Samsonite solyte comes in three sizes. Here also have lots of features. It has some color options. You can also get a stylish vibe. The case’s interior is completely lined and includes a spacious packing space. A zippered mesh pocket and a wet pack to keep everything detach and arranged when traveling.

Samsonite solyte DLX has an exciting thing. Wanna know the name?

That is a USB port. 

The USB port allows you to charge your phone. So you don’t need to find the charger in the baggage. I always charge my phone by using the port. There are zippered pockets so that you can carry the phone and an extra battery.


  • A USB charging port is included for charging
  • Has 360-degree spinning wheels
  • This samsonite’s packing dimensions: 19.0″ x 13.5″ x 7.75″
  • Overall Dimensions: 22.0″ x 14.0″ x 9.5″ and it’s weight: 7.1 lbs
  • Materials are protected by a 10-year warranty
  • A WetPak pocket to keep moisture items divide
  • Design is both functional and thoughtful
  • Heavy-duty structure and maximum capacity


  •  Numerous storage spaces on the interior
  • The wheels are in good shape, with no flaws
  • Zippers appear to be well-made
  • It’s spacious and rolls easily on hard surfaces
  • This samsonite has a beautiful, clean appearance
  • Appears to be solid, sturdy, and long-lasting
  • Samsonite solyte DLX is expandable
  • The colors are stunning and appear classy
  • Well worth the investment
  • Outside handles make lifting easier
  • It fits in the overhead bins well


  • The wheel has a sticky feeling

On all versions of the Solyte, the telescopic handle locks into several height settings. So it allows you to simply modify it to match your height exactly. Two extra slide pockets on the front panel of the bigger two bags allow for even better management of your stuff.

If any items get wet, you can keep that in another pocket. Because there is a pocket called wetpack inside of samsonite solyte DLX. Thus your others item stays away from the wet belongings. 

Do you the uniqueness of samsonite winfield 3 DLX? It’s both functional and professional design. You can go on a business trip with this piece of luggage. 

You can choose one color among the five available colors. Those are all bright professional colors. Its stylish design stands out at the baggage claim. 

The outside body is made of durable materials. So it ensures your luggage doesn’t get damaged and keeps the belongings safe. 

This 20-inch carry-on fulfills the size requirements in most airlines It gives you peace of mind when traveling. A push-button handle with a soft rubber seal gives ease of movement. And aluminum pull handle helps you to resist the weight of this luggage.

This case’s packing compartments are completely lined with polyester. They’re highly useful, with numerous zipped compartments of various sizes and a retractable divider. It keeps your belongings secure, tidy, and accessible while on the go.


  • Packing dimensions of this samsonite: 20.0″ x 14.25″ x 9.5″
  • Overall dimensions: 22.5″ x 14.5″ x 9.5″ and weight: 6.97 lbs.
  • These samsonite bags are scratch-resistant 
  • This hardside luggage is made of polycarbonate material
  • Integrated TSA lock for additional security
  • 1.5″ Expansion allows packing more travel accessories
  • Most baggage size limitations are fulfilled
  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty


  • A variety of amazing color
  • The luggage is attractive
  • Fits easily in the overhead bins
  • Each side of the bag has a strap
  • Simple to spot at baggage claim
  • The materials appear to be long-lasting
  • It’s simple to maneuver around
  • This hardside luggage holds a lot of belongings
  • Samsonite Winfield is simple to keep clean
  • A useful innovation is a movable organizer
  • Travels quickly through the airport
  • Sturdy zippers on the exterior


  • The handle can be shaky sometimes
  • Its interior straps’ clasps felt cheap

Inside of this hard-side luggage, there is a large space to fit your clothes. There are also elastic cross straps for holding that clothes in place. 

If you want to go on a short trip, why do you go in big size? So this 20-inch carry-on case is perfect for you. But if you want to go on a family vacation, then you need a big size suitcase. There are also big-size cases available.

The Winfield 3 DLX comes with a ten-year limited guarantee against construction and manufacturing flaws. Samsonite offers a reliable and trustworthy guarantee. So they will solve your problem.

Do you want a well made pieces of luggage by spending reasonable price? Then samsonite luggage lift spinner can be perfect for you. 

According to several of my friends, this suitcase has a beautiful design. It really looks stunning. It is also durable and lightweight luggage. So for the amazing strength, your items will stay secure. You can easily spot the suitcase at the baggage claim for its bright red color. 

AEPE( air expanded poly ethylene) material is incredibly light, robust, and resistant to abrasion or puncture. You can get rid of any type of damage.

There is some additional handle. So this travel bag has a right, top, and bottom handle. The top handle will last longer with these side grips. For this Do you want a well-made piece of luggage by spending a reasonable price? Then samsonite cause, you can pull the suitcase with ease. 


  • Samsonite luggage lift spinner made of AEPE 
  • Body dimension of this bag: 30 x 20 x 11 inches
  • It's overall Dimension: 32 x 20 x 13 inches.
  • The weight of this samsonite is 10 pounds
  • Silky logo with an elegant design
  • Abrasion and puncture resistance
  • Samsonite luggage's manufacturer is samsonite corporation
  • Four, multi-directional spinner wheels for convenient mobility.


  • The suitcase is quite huge and sturdy
  • Samsonite left spinner has a perfect pull
  • They are quite well made and durable
  • Inside of this case is made of high-quality materials
  • Wheels are effortless and smooth
  • A fantastic value for money
  • Amazing color and looks attractive
  • It has a lot of space
  • Simple to maneuver and good roller
  • Easy to control and manage


  • The tires appear to be a bit flimsy

In terms of dimensions, the bag is appropriate for global economy class flights. So you don't need hassle at the airport and can avoid extra money.  

If you are a frequent traveler and want an affordable suitcase, this baggage is a good option for you.

Samsonite left spinner comes with a multidirectional spinner wheel. So you can spin 360 degrees and it enhanced mobility. At the airport, you provided effortless movement.

Want a corner protecting and water-resistance coating softside suitcase? Take advantage of the Leverage LTE.

If you want to go for business purposes, this sleek professional samsonite leverage LTE is perfect for you. This softside luggage gives you comfort in mind. Because it has a detachable suiter portion. With the help of this portion, your clothes don't get wrinkle.

Its double spinner wheels are an amazing feature for the frequent flyer. Those double wheels provide ease maneuvering at the airport. When you use the push-button locking handle, it will simply glide along with you. These multidirectional wheels reduce the pain of moving the luggage. 

You can get additional packing compartments for their expandable capacity. Samsonite leverage LTE comes with multiple pockets. One of them is wetpack pocket. It allows you to keep the wet item separate from all the stuff.


  • Samsonite leverage made of 400D x 360D nylon
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Packing dimensions of this case: 29”x 20.25” x 11”
  • And overall dimensions: 32.0" x 20.25" x 11.0"
  • The samsonite case's weight is10.5 lbs
  • Rubbing, rip, and tear resistance
  • Leverage is the ideal combo for the business traveler
  • Expansion 1.5" to allow more things
  • Compression cross straps secure the items of your case


  • All of the zippers are huge and simple to use
  • Moving around is a comfort
  • Performs admirably and has a strong feel
  • This Samsonite suitcase is quite pleasant
  • The padded handle is comfortable to hold
  • Wheels effortlessly spin in all directions
  • It accommodates in the overhead compartment
  • Having cross straps in the back for securing
  • It was quite easy to extra pack
  • Lots of room and pocket
  • An excellent deal for the money
  • Excellent capacity, solid structure
  • It's easy to spot because of the color


  • There is not a space on the outside

Samsonite leverage LTE softside luggage has tie-down elastic straps. It helps you to keep the belongings arrange and neat inside of the suitcase. There is also a front panel for keeping the additional items that you need for easy access.

This piece of luggage has two external compartments. Here you can keep travel documents, cards, cash, gadget, etc. These external pockets help you to get the item easily.

So what do you think? Do you check out the samsonite leverage?

You need the best of the best Samsonite luggage, Right? For this, you have come here. Don't worry. Because I always try new suitcase or backpack for myself and my family. Then see which baggage is the best. 

One such carry-on case is Samsonite underseat carry-on spinner. It is also one of my tested carry-on bags. It gives me peace of mind during the trip. 

You can carry this underseat luggage anywhere. It fits most of the airline restrictions. Many people face the difficulty of these regulations. They have to give extra fees. So if you use this luggage, you don't have to face this problem.


  •  Samsonite underseat's packing dimension is 15" x 13" x 8"
  • And overall dimension is 16.5" x 13.75" x 9.0"
  • The weight of this Samsonite luggage is 7.0 pounds
  • Additional exterior pocket for quick pack items
  • Four multi directional spinning wheels for simple mobility.
  • Charge your devices on the go with a USB PORT
  • Exterior quick stash pockets for enhanced packing 
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty


  • The samsonite underseat is lightweight
  • It looks to be long-lasting and beautiful
  • The material of this large spinner is sturdy and soft
  • Does not have a shaky feeling
  • Fits easily into overhead compartments
  • Very charming bag and unique
  • It was simple to control at the time of turning
  • Samsonite underseat has a lot of space
  •  This underseat luggage size is perfect
  • The USB port allows you to charge your mobile


  • Unsure about the quality of the zipper

One thing I really like about this underseat luggage is the USB port. You can charge your electronic device in a fast way. If you're going to go to the bother of developing USB baggage, include a power bank.

You also like its exterior texture. This type of luggage is amazing for those who want to avoid baggage fees. It's a limited option with a nice appearance.

The bag is separated similarly to a laptop backpack, with one main section for clothing, shoes, or bigger things. For this, your laptop stays safe from damage.

You may use this. I ensure that your investment will not waste.

Are you a student or hiker? Then samsonite modern utility mini laptop backpack is perfect for you. Because it is the top product for your travel and school needs. This bag is perfect for not only males but also females.

Samsonite mini backpack constructed of 2 tone rip stop polyester. So it ensures the durability of your bag. The bottom of this backpack is water-resistant. In the rainy season, you can stay calm and tension-free.

This mini backpack fulfills the storage requirements for your campus. The Samsonite backpack has a height of 17.75 inches. But it is not too big. There are also an additional zippered pocket and side pocket for water bottles, hats, and umbrella.

The smart sleeve function lets the bag slip over the Upright handle tube for convenient travel.


  • Made of two-tone ripstop polyester
  • It's overall Dimensions: 15.5 inch x 10.75 inch x 6.0 inch
  • The weight of samsonite mini backpack is 1.5 Pounds
  • Designed for a more relaxed way of life.
  • Several zippered quick-stash pockets give sufficient storage.
  • Back and shoulder straps have air mesh padding.
  • Protect the laptop and computer with the LAPTOP Compartment.


  • The material is soft and supportive
  • A lot easier to carry around
  • Nice, durable fabric and strong zipper
  • Comfortable shoulder cross straps
  • Samsonite backpack's color is fantastic
  • Ideal for storing a laptop and accessories
  • A reasonable price for good quality
  • This mini laptop backpack is not bulky or overbearing
  • Lightweight, elegant, and roomy, with plenty of pockets


  • There isn't much room in the main pocket

You can find four-color in one particular style. According to your favorite color, you can choose one of them. The general appearance of the bag, regardless of color, is one of adventure in the countryside. It can best for your next adventure.

The smart sleeve function lets the bag slip over the Upright handle tube for convenient travel. It brings your luggage down over the poles. So you are not required to wear it through an airline.

In the Samsonite backpack, there is a separate laptop compartment. It has been designed to carry the laptop. And It also protects your laptop from damage at the time of travel. For this, you can travel without any worry.

I have lots of memory of this backpack. Do you want to listen to the story?

When I get my first salary, I bought two Samsonite tectonic backpacks. One of mine and one of my father. Then we go on the journey, spend quality time. And gather much good memory. That time is my best time of life. So I have an emotional connection with this backpack.

Polyester ballistic material gives the backpack extra strength and durability. With the affordable price range, you will get a well-made backpack.

Samsonite comes with the cushioned and curved dual-density shoulder straps. It offers much-needed comfort when carrying a large bag.


  • Samsonite tectonic made of poly ballistic fabric
  • The weight of this Samsonite luggage bag is 2.5 pounds
  • Drink bottle pockets on the sides with flexible stretch
  • Shoulder compression straps with a dual-density shape
  • The back of the bag has a SmartSleeve to keep it upright.
  • A tablet pocket and an essential business organizer is included


  • Tectonic backpack straps have been greatly enhanced
  • The front pocket is great for passport, ticket
  • Laptops have their own container
  • It is quite long-lasting and has a durable zipper
  • Numerous sections to manage cords
  • It appears to be quite professional
  • The handle is sturdy and pleasant to hold
  • Material quality is excellent and well-executed
  • Fairly comfortable to use it


  • It appears to be quite heavy

You get various pockets for organization. The rear is additionally padded for comfort and includes a smart sleeve to attach it to a baggage handler. Samsonite always tries to provide comfort to their customer.
There is an easy access pocket so that you can keep small items like cash, card, pencils, earphones. A water bottle pocket and a tricot-lined sunglasses pocket are located on the sides. In this samsonite tectonic backpack, a variety of pockets are available for your different needs.
If you are a businessman, you can also try this backpack. After using this, you are welcome to share your thoughts with us.
Do you also want to gather the best memory with your dear?


Why should you choose a Samsonite suitcase?

There are many reasons for choosing samsonite luggage. I will some of those reasons. So you can realize samsonite is good for your next trip. See the below cause in detail:

Best quality:

Samsonite always focuses on long-lasting quality. Some are created of nylon and some are polycarbonate. So this suitcase has a durable exterior. For the high-quality material, your baggage stays nice looking. Manufacturers design the suitcase to endure potential scratches.


Samsonite baggage has some of the most advanced technologies available. Wheels are best for effortless mobility. 360-degree spinner wheels made the movement simpler. Your pain can reduce for these multi-directional wheels. Some come with a USB port for charging the electronic device.


I love this feature. When I return from the trip, always I pack more items. But I never face the problem of packing because of the expandability feature. Samsonite luggage expands so that you get additional packing compartments. But be careful with restrictions on baggage allowance.

What factors should you consider while purchasing samsonite luggage?

Some important you need to look at when buying this piece of luggage. Otherwise, you choose the wrong luggage option. You can follow the below-buying guide:


Samsonite provides a wide range of luggage. They come with durable suitcases. You can get a various number of pockets. More simple designs in smooth, neutral colors have been introduced by the company. Many are professional-looking suitcases. And many have come with a different range of colors.


Do you buy the luggage for the lengthy journey? So choose the one with the longest manufacturer's warranty. By looking above, you find the best Samsonite luggage with a warranty. Consider the warranty for particular conditions, such as restrictions for damage caused by an airline.


You may know samsonite is a budget-friendly brand in the luggage industry. They come with high range price, mid-range price and also low range price. But most of the luggage is affordable. When the suitcase is hardside and comes with more design, the cost will a bit high.

Can you buy Samsonite luggage sets?

Obviously. You can buy a Samsonite suitcase set.

A baggage set often includes three to four cases. You can buy a 3-piece set when you go on tour with your partner. If you buy a suitcase set, it will be cheaper than buying individually.

There are many luggage sets. You need to choose the top luggage set so that you can travel with confidence. I bought 3-piece luggage set for my family. My experience was fascinating.

If you want to buy the best set, you can see it here. Best luggage set.

What's the difference between Samsonite's hard-side and soft-side luggage?

Samsonite comes with both hardside and softside suitcases. They offer a variety of sizes and pricing with thoughtful design. 

Samsonite hardside spinners are ultimate scratch-resistance and water-resistant coating. This suitcase includes corner protectors. It ensures that the case can fight against scrapes and injuries during the long journey. The hardside luggage is more durable than the softside ones.

Want to know more about hardside luggage? Check out this article.

Samsonite softside luggage is so flexible. They are also less heavy. This piece of luggage is great for packing more and offers numerous pockets for organization. 

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