How to clean luggage? Follow the simple 6 steps

How to clean luggage

Do you struggle with cleaning the luggage? You are thinking to go on a travel and your suitcase is dirt. How awful a situation you have to face then? So you will find a solution to clean luggage properly. But if you don’t get found an easy solution, what you will do next? Then you get depressed. 

One day my friend told me that he faces a similar problem as I told you now. So I give him suggestions and he becomes really happy with his travel luggage. He enjoys his travel without any hesitation. 

Then I think that I should create an article where everyone can find their solution for cleaning luggage. So they can wash simply their backpacks. They will be free from tension and enjoy their journey.

In this article, you can find simple cleaning methods. You will know how to wash both inside and outside and how you protect your suitcase and so on. After reading the full methods I believe you can clean any type of luggage. Here I try to give you some important cleaning tips. 

How to wash inside of the luggage

Washing the interior of luggage:

You should remove all the stuff from the bag:

You need to ensure that your backpack empty when you start to clean the luggage. Check all pockets and remove the material. Don’t miss any dry cloth or damp cloth. Otherwise, your dress will wet, and your baggage will not be exactly clean.

You should separate liners and depository: 

Many bags have liners or depository pockets. You should take off those liners from the entire suitcase. Detach the belongings and move on one side. So it will be effortless to clean for you.

Check the front and behind as if nothing is forgotten. Otherwise, those belongings will wet.

You should use the vacuum cleaner inside:

Use the vacuum to remove any type of filth, waste, grease stains, and small scrap for cleaning the bag. There are two options hand vacuum or standard vacuum. It’s yours to use however you wish.

If you use the handheld vacuum cleaner, you will have domination of the inside. Then you can wash everywhere possible.

You need to clean detachable liners and depository:

What did the luggage manufacturer suggest you for washing? If they suggest you use the washing machine, apply their cleaning process according to the instruction.

Or you can clean luggage by hand. For this process, you fill a drop of warm clean water and a small amount of laundry detergent. After washing the removal component, leave them in an open area.

You should refresh your baggage:

After cleaning the inside, you should air out of your bag. Otherwise, the smell will spread due to moisture. You should keep it open minimum for one day. When you start to clean outside of the travel backpack, close it properly.

You can use a hairdryer for dehydrating. When your luggage dries completely, jump on the next part. 

You should clean the firm border of the suitcase:

You should keep in mind that you need to wipe the border of the bag with a soft cloth and gentle soap. Then Instantly dry the bag or else you will find the watermark. 

You also can clean it with warm water. Without using any soap, you can wash with a wet cloth. Because too much soap can create a mess.

Washing the exterior of the luggage:

Your next mission is to clean the outside of the suitcase. 

You can first check to see if the bag is open. Otherwise, liquid can leak inside.

There are many types of luggage or suitcase such as soft-sided suitcases, hard-side luggage, leather suitcases,  fabric suitcase, polycarbonate luggage.

Cleaning the hardside suitcase

  • At first, before arranging the cleaning product, you need to wipe the luggage stain with a fresh towel.
  • Don’t worry about the breaking of baggage. Because hard-sided suitcases are really firm.
  • You can also try the eraser. It is a simple and fast cleaning procedure. It also cleans the hardshell suitcase really well and removes the stain. 
  • If there is any wet thing in the luggage, you have to drop it. Because it is plastic. 
  • You follow the step and the stain doesn’t get away. Then you need to apply the soap or cleaning detergent. For this, you can use white vinegar.
  • You don’t need to call a cleaning person. This can be rubbing and damage the shell of the baggage.
  • Don’t use any kind of phenol. It can damage the plastic. 
  • Dry the hardside luggage properly

Cleaning the soft-side baggage

  • You should remove the waste and animal hair from the front of the suitcase.
  • Melt the mild soap, wet the towel, and sponge the dirt
  • See where the dirty spots and rub that place with a soft brush
  • Using soapy water and a soothing cloth, wash the plastic parts
  • If the above tips don’t help to clean the luggage, you can use some powerful cleaner
  • Remember the color of the suitcase. Otherwise cleaner can damage the color of the bag
  • Detergent that applies to dark clothes, you can use those cleaner on black or navy blue bag.
  • Again if the luggage color is milk-white or snow-white, you should use detergent for light dress
  • Don’t wet too much on softshell luggage. Because it can be spill inside which you don’t want to be. 
  • Use a hair drier or let it in an open space. So it can dry in the proper way.

Cleaning the leather luggage

  • You need to deal carefully with a leather suitcase. Otherwise, it could be worse. You may damage the leather part 
  • The cleaner is available in the market which used in leather. You can buy it. This can be the best option.
  • Don’t use the vacuum the outside of the leather bags
  • Don’t use a lot of warm water. It can create strain and harm the carrier
  • Leather marker takes care of the scratch. You can buy it to protect the largest scrape
  • You should use the spray little. Use especially those place you want to be. 
  • You can apply the leather conditioner. So it will look shine or smooth and detach the scuff marks

Cleaning the Aluminum baggage

  • Aluminum bags are much stiffer so you can treat them like things made of metal. 
  • Cleaning an aluminum suitcase is very easy. After spraying these, it becomes new like before. 
  • You can also clean the luggage with a cleaner. 
  • Some soaps can be used to remove stains from aluminum surfaces. It is preferable to clean it with hot water.
  • Then wipe the aluminum suitcase with an eraser cleaning pad. Dry it and wipe it again with a good towel. 

How to protect your suitcase?

1. Once your bag is made of fabric, you can use fabric protector spray to protect your baggage from strains. 

2. One thing to remember in this case is that. Fabric protector sprays only for fabric bags. Other bags such as leather bags should be damaged. 

3. If your bag is made of metal you can use nail polish or metal lacquer to protect your bag from scratches. 

4. Strong smelling items in fabric suitcase for long periods of time create bad odors. If you want to get rid of this stench, you have to use an air fresher such as Febreze.

But, one thing to keep in mind is that this air freshener is not used directly in the leather bag.  

5. Before packing your luggage you need to put a solid air freshener there. This will not source a bad smell from there. 

In this case, you can use cader chips, dryer sheets, solid Air freshener like a glade. 

6. Do not carry any heavy items while wrapping your suitcase as it will damage your suitcase. It is best to use baggage to hold ordinary clothes or light things. 

How to clean luggage from bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a common issue when you go on a mission trip, holiday trip, or any business trip. By staying in cheap hotel rooms, you will have more problems dealing with them. You must get rid of them. You can easily kill them using different types of pesticides.  

If you find bed bugs, you can contact the hotel manager immediately. They will change the room. 

Follow the below cleaning tips:

  • For cleaning the luggage from bed bugs, you must kill them at first.
  • You can use a spray called dimethyl carbinol and Pronto Plus. It can kill bugs from luggage.
  • You can also use  Nuvan ProStrips. It is a really effective solution for killing the bloodsucker and other insects.
  •  Wait until they are completely dead. When they killed, use the handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum the entire bag along with the crack. Then for preservation, you can insert it in a plastic bag.
  • To clean the border, pocket, slot, you can use a small adapter. It will bring out all the waste.
  • If the pesticides not work, you can use hot or cold temperatures.
  • Another way to clean is steaming. If you give around 71-degree celsius hot steam, bed bugs will die instantly.

After following the tips above, check whether you have removed everything from the travel backpack.

How to clean luggage with baking soda and acetic acid?

Baking soda and acetic acid can be great cleaning methods for washing luggage. 

You can do this for finding your cleaning solution:

  • Sprinkling baking soda in your suitcase and rubbing the bag with a brush or cloth removes various oils. It releases germs and cleans the fabric. 
  • You can also clean the suitcase by mixing vinegar and water together in a bottle and then spraying. 
  • You will spray this water mixture in such a way that the whole bag gets wet. 
  • Rub the whole bag with a brush or around five or ten minutes with a cloth. So that it does not contain dirt. 
  • Then wipe any suitcase with a dry cloth. Then leave the clean luggage in an empty place. This will not have the musty smell of acetic acid.
  • It can damage your suitcase. Don’t try directly.
  • At first, check on the small spot. Then use it in your baggage.

Use it for cleaning and notice the result. Then let me know in the comments part whether it will clean or not.

Final verdict:

Clean carrier is as important as you think. No one wants that to travel with dirty luggage. I know, you also don’t want to use this one, do you?

For this reason, I have tried to give you some tips and methods so that you can clean your suitcase properly.

For keeping luggage clean, put them in a safe place. Try to follow the exact method for each suit bag. Because wrong instruction may damage the luggage.

There is many stain remover available in the market. You shouldn’t use all this. Those tough stains can not be a mild solution. So be aware.

Take a bit of time when you clean your favorite suitcase. Otherwise, the watermark may stick to the luggage. Then you will upset because you can’t use that anymore. 

You can also follow the backpack manufacturer’s instructions and clean the bag. If you need, you can call a cleaner. But I think, you should wash your own.

I believe you will do it now.

Thank you for reading to the finish of the chapter.

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