How to enjoy the journey not the destination?

How to enjoy the journey not the destination

Having trouble with your destination? Can’t keep yourself motivated for this reason? Don’t worry! Many people suffer from this difficulty. In this case, you have to cherish the Journey of everyday life, excluding the destination.

If you focus on the destination, you will not be able to enjoy the Journey. This will reduce the motivation to work. Focusing on just the goal will ruin the Journey, and you will not be able to reach the destination. 

In this article, you will discover several points so that you can enjoy the journey of life. You will notice what steps to follow to focus on the Journey not the destination. After reading this article, your motivation to work will increase. I don’t think studying the content at the end will make you feel unmotivated because of the destination.

What is the dissimilarity between Journey and destination?

The Journey is a flowing state where a person moves from the first stage to the future. There will be many obstacles, and you have to fight with them. 

You think I’ll do these things in a year. But if you don’t take action to do those activities, then that goal won’t work. You must consider your Journey from the beginning. This will make your milestones easier and help you create sub-goals.

Destination means the ultimate goal. This will help you focus on your target. We have a purpose that predetermined us. For example, we can say we have to travel a few states to go to a certain destination. In our childhood, we were told about an end’s goal for which we have to go through many steps. But there is a sequence. 

There is a dissimilarity between them:


  • A journey is a path.
  • This is an actual plan.
  • It says how to do.
  • The journey is like a river, sometimes it will go down and sometimes it will go at a strong speed.
  • It controls your inner motivation.


  • The destination is a reach point.
  • This is a fictional plan.
  • It says what to do, where to go.
  • The destination is fixed. It stops all the time.
  • It controls your external motivation.

Is the Journey more essential compared to the destination?

Yes, the Journey is more significant than the destination. Although the destination gives you a goal, the path to the goal is the Journey. The pathway can be compared to a continent, and sand can be compared to an end’s goal. The Journey can tell you how successful you can be at your destination. Always destination depends on a pathway. 

You can discover yourself on the pathway, not at your destination. Also, you can make yourself ready for the pathway. Many successful people build their good careers by enjoying the life journey. Their entire life is full of both struggle and happiness. But they learn from their pathway.

You can get life lessons from looking at the past Journey. You can avoid the next mistakes by learning from those life lessons. As a result, you will place greater emphasis on the path from the previous goal. Should you enjoy the Journey?

Obviously! You should enjoy the Journey. It does not only give you personal satisfaction but also motivates you to do daily activities. 

Here are some tips for delight in the Journey:

1. It will help you going on the next opportunity. So you feel enthusiastic. 

2. Here, you get up and down situation, energy for suffering life. So it gives the best variety of yourself. 

3. Journey all together of some destination. So it is called life is the best Journey.

4. Through the Journey, you can grow, learn something every day, discover your inner self

5. It is a pathway to reaching your targeted goal. So you can track your mind by giving direction on success. 

 What steps to observe for enjoying the Journey?

You need to know some steps for enjoying the Journey. You should follow these methods because you get tips and tricks here. 

Here are five steps:

Step 1: You should focus on what you’ve got.

We don’t give a damn about what we’ve got. This is our basic nature. 

All-time we think about why I hadn’t got it, those things. But we have enough. None of us thinks that. If you look at your own shortcomings, you will see that. Then you feel unmotivated. 

Your mind will get used to whatever you focus on. You can fulfil your dream by concentrating on what you have got. 

Focusing on what you have, your ability to work will increase. Your Journey to success depends on your self-confidence. So I think everyone should follow this method to become successful in life.  

Step 2: You should enjoy the current moment

 “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” – Alice Morse Earle.

Many people think about their future. So they don’t enjoy the current situation. They think one day when they reach their goal, and they enjoy their life. But regret to say time wait for none. Then they can’t enjoy life.

Again many people worry about their past life. They cannot go ahead because of their sadness for the past situation. When they live in the past, they go into depression.

Past is an illusion. It destroys your present, the precious time. That’s why you feel anxious and depressed. You can’t enjoy the journey of life. So live in the present. 

Step 3: You can celebrate this procedure.

 Focusing on your destination, you can celebrate your success.

But when you get stuck in the middle, the hesitation towards success will come. 

You can build some milestones and achieve those milestones. Then reward yourself. Celebrate your small achievement and get motivated for the next goal. 

Your those small step help you for the biggest achievement. You can take a paper often finishing this article. In this paper, you list down the next sub-goals. When you finish that goal, you can give yourself some cholate or go on a short term mission trip. This way, you will focus on the path rather than the destination.

Step 4: You should focus on your daily progress

 Concentrating on daily progress without focusing on end progress will make the Journey easier to enjoy. Daily small progress also benefited us because it still progresses. If you don’t have3 enough focus, you can not progress in life. 

“Delay is the enemy of progress” – Eliot spitzer.

In this quote, you realize that you shouldn’t delay your time. Daily make a list and increase your progress. You shouldn’t lose progress in thinking about the destination.

 I believe that you will focus on your regular progression. You obviously enjoy the Journey after practising this step. 

Step 5: You should love your work.

 Love yourself, love your tasks. If you like your tasks, no failure can stop your destination. You can gain your dream. 

Suppose you are a multi-national company’s manager, but your goal to be a writer. You can pursue your company job because you don’t enjoy this Journey. Because it’s not your dream job. Every morning when you wake up, you feel unmotivated for this work. 

So you choose a work which gives you satisfaction, happiness. For achieving your dreams, whatever the obstacles, you fight for a dream. And you grab the peace of mind. In this way, your Journey will be your biggest friend.

” It is highly impossible for you to be successful at what you don’t love. Do what you love and love what you do.”- Israelmore Ayivor.

Step 6: You should live with your own passion

 Your parent wants you will be a doctor but want to be a singer. Whose dream you burry?

So you at last your parents dream true. And you become a doctor. What will the next? You don’t concentrate on your job. Then you will regret it. 

From this, I want to tell you how a person buried his/her career. 

So whatever your passion, you need to follow this. Many successful people said that they always follow their passion. Walk of the dreams way. To enjoy life, you need to focused on passion. 

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey.

Follow your passion. Decide aims in life whenever you feel peace, enjoyment by doing work. You will know that’s your passion. Some talented people many times don’t get their passion. So they can’t enjoy their life of Journey. I believe you discover your passion and success in the future. 

What is the advantage of relishing the Journey?

You can set proper goals. 

If you focus only end goal, you can’t focus on daily activities. Your proper goal helps you to look forward in your life circumstances. When you wake up each morning, your desire will be burning to do all things according to your meaningful goals.

Successful people don’t run for goal completion. They set daily goals and try to achieve those. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that one sets a proper goal, and one doesn’t plan for proper action considering the destination. 

“A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

                                                                            -Bruce Lee

Successful people’s simple formula:

            Goal + Daily action = Achieving your dream.

You can build character through the Journey:

Character is a big idea for a compelling future. In tough times, it helps to mentor you. Building a good character is not that easy. You have to strengthen your personality gradually. 

In your life journey, you can learn about character. When you go through on struggle, you gain life experience. People like good character, not excellent talent. 

Character is a lifelong process like learning and growing. It builds each day of your life. When you see moral movies, read literature, it impacts your personality. So every day of your Journey is a chance to build good character. 

“Character is the result of two things: mental attitude and the way we spend our time.”

                                                                      – Elbert Hubbard

You will learn to tolerate failure:

Failure makes you a strong person. If you are not afraid of failure, you will definitely be successful. Once you learn to endure frustration, no one can beat you. You cannot live an effective life without failing. 

If you only think about the destination, you don’t want to face difficulties, failure, challenges. But this frustration, challenge, pains are a part of your success. 

I recognize you have the ability to endure these. By enjoying the journey of your life, you will not be sad about failure. Because you know defeat is the pillar of success. 

“The secret of life is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.”

                                                      – Paulo Coelho

You can determine your destination by the Journey:

Slowly and day by day, you became successful. But at first, you need to give value and enjoy the Journey. If you give focus on the Journey, you will reach the destination by itself.

For achieving success, what you are doing now it’s more important than the outcome. When you enjoy the path of destination, you learn how to fight hardship, challenge, misfortune.

Everyone has a destination, but no one has a plan of action. So you need to make a plan of action and enjoy the life journey. You will reach your goal.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it”.

                                                                            -Greg Anderson

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