how to make your luggage stand out?

how to make your luggage stand out

Has it ever happened that someone had the same suitcase that you took away at the airport? For this reason, did you face trouble in making your luggage stand out? So we will help your luggage stand out. No worries!!!

I’ve come to find a solution to your problem to help your bag stand out in a crowd. I faced this problem once. When the moment at the baggage carousels came, seeing so many suitcases, I became confused about my luggage set.

You don’t face the problem anymore if you read this article fully. Your luggage piece will also be safe by taking this method. Then you can make it stand easily, and your days of travel will become more enjoyable and stress-free.

I discuss in this content the 13 simple ways to make your luggage stand out. You can also know how to identify your bag and prevent your luggage gets lost. So if you want to know how you personalize your baggage, you are in the right place. Please keep reading and stay with me………..

13 methods for making your luggage stand out:

13 tips to make your luggage stand out

1. Luggage Cover

I think the luggage cover is one of the most important components of luggage. If you ever travel with your family, you must use the same color luggage cover. This will be made things easier to identify their luggage.

You can use a luggage cover just like you use a pillow cover on a pillow. These covers on luggage are washable. As a result, you can wash the cover at the end of each trip.

If you use the luggage cover, those are easy to spot, and there will be no stains on the luggage so you can make use of the suitcase for a long time. Luggage covers of different prints, patterns, and colors are available for purchase. These brightly colored covers will help to make your suitcase stand out.

2. Tracker

The tracker is extra security for luggage. This may seem like an extra cost to you. Since you want to keep your luggage secure, you have to spend a little. For this, you first need to buy a tracking device and download the mobile app.

Then you need to connect the mobile app to the device to use them to identify lost luggage. You can buy Tile as a trucker and use them to spot your bag. This is a much better Bluetooth tracking device. If you can’t find your luggage, activate the app. If the luggage is within range, the device will beep, and you can spot it from distance pieces of luggage. As a result, you’ll have no trouble locating your suitcase.

3. Stickers

Many of us like to put stickers in different places in the house. If you travel to different countries, you can wrap your suitcase in a sticker of that country or any historical place you visit in those countries to make your bag a hard shell of memories.

Later this label will refresh your memory. You can also use it as a way you can personalize your luggage to make it identifiable. Different type of travel stickers is available at the craft shop, which will make your luggage stand out.

Besides, you can buy a sticky letter label and write your name or print out a big portrait in the bag with those small signs. As a result, if your suitcase is lost during the journey, it will be convenient to find it.

4. Luggage belt

A luggage belt is an essential element for luggage. There are two beneficial aspects to the luggage strap. One of them is that the conveyor will make your luggage attractive. For this, you have to buy a colorful conveyer or paint some patterns on these belts will help to identify your luggage. So everyone seems to learn the use of luggage straps.

Another beneficial aspect is that the conveyer belt will keep the products inside your luggage secure. For this, you have to strap around your luggage with a belt. This transporter is budget-friendly. As a result, whether you’re on a tight budget, you can easily afford these belts.

5. Ribbon or scarf

A ribbon or scarf will help you to make your luggage stand out. You need to buy a yellow, blue Ribbon, or hot pink that is different and brighter than the color of the luggage or sew some patches. Then tie the ribbon around the handle of your bag.

The most important aspect of a bright color ribbon or scarf is that new luggage is hard to miss in airport security.

6. Tape

If you want to make your boring black suitcase attractive, you can use brightly colored tape in the suitcase. For this, you can use duct tape or bias tape. If you cut some of this traditional duck tape brand and design it in your suitcase or its lug, the suitcase will become interesting.

You can use some decorative washi tape on the handle of the luggage. You can buy colorful strips of bias tape from the local craft store. Then wrap this colored tape or whatever inspires you around your bag, and the suitcase will become preferably one.

7. Handle grips

Handle grip may be a good way for airline luggage to stand out. You can choose a unique pattern or colorful suitcase handle grip. That will stand out in the security lines.

By using the grips, you can see your black bag easily at the baggage claim. As a regular traveler, this can be a good solution. And your stress may reduce at the time of travel. Besides the handle grips, you can also use a cable tie, bungee cord, or crab. These are also excellent ideas for connecting with zippers.

I personally use some bright, colorful handle grips. I hope you like it.

8. Artistic flair

You can design the carry-on bag suit with your artistic eye. Use some embroidery, flashy ribbon, different glitter color, handwritten ones, or anything you want to wish. It would be a fantastic choice for everyone.

You can design the suitcase like a canvas so that you can stand out in the baggage claim luggage carousel. And your suitcase in luggage will stand out in waiting at baggage claim.

9. Neon bracelets

Many younger people love to carry baggage with neon bracelets. This will keep your suitcase initial in caution, and you can find your suit bag in the baggage carousel.

You can use several bracelets around the suit bag with a variety of colors or put a name on that so it will stand out. It will also prevent falling or breaking, and In the travel time, this will be the last thing you want.

You can use your old bracelet. It will also work great. What do you think about this opinion?

10. Paint on the luggage

Want to make it more unique than the generic suit bag? Paint on this.

If you paint on the luggage, it looks different. You can paint some colorful patterns and grab some fabric paint with a splash of color. You can also use spray paint. It is a good option for an artistic traveler. They can easily make your luggage 80 percent stand out.

11. Luggage tag

If you want to make your suit bag unique, then you can use the bright luggage tag. There are several kinds of templates available online. You can design these in your luggage as eye-catching luggage tags.

You can use colorful luggage tags, family crest patterns, and spirit animal prints to make the luggage attractive. This is a one-of-a-kind technique to distinguish your luggage.

12. Bold color luggage

There is no set rule for luggage to be black, white, or blue. If you go to the market to buy a suitcase and have no idea about the suitcase, then you must buy a suitcase of bold color. There is nothing to worry about whether the bold color luggage goes with your personality.

Many are now buying baggage in pink, yellow, or orange. If you are very busy and don’t have time to decorate your luggage, then buying luggage in bold color would be a good idea.

Bright-colored luggage will give you the most use during check-in. As a result of buying bright-color luggage, you can easily identify your luggage among many other luggage.

13. Stich on the suit bag

You can stitch on the visible spot. You can also use some patches and attach them with safety pins. Your creativity will show on the black luggage.

Sew anything you want, like buttons, fun fur, and fabric. But you should keep in mind that patches or stitches are durable. It will make your suit bag a decorative suitcase. And your luggage will stand out at the airport baggage claim.

How to prevent your stand-out suitcase from being stolen?

Different types of accidents often happen during travel. Your luggage may be stolen or lost. You have to follow some guidelines so that you do not have these problems.

  1. For this, you first need to keep a copy of the itinerary inside the luggage. Airport workers can easily contact you with this copy if your bag is lost at the airport. As a result, it will not be too late to find your bag. So when packing luggage, keep a copy of the itinerary inside the luggage.
  2. Secondly, you can use the ID tag in the suitcase. There you will be given your name, address, and contact number. The ID tag should be kept outside the luggage as well as inside. Because if, for some reason, the external ID tag falls off the luggage, the airport personnel will be able to contact you with the help of the inner tag. Make sure the two tags have the same data.
  1. Thirdly, you can use a photographic way for extra security of your baggage. When you pack your luggage, take pictures of all the products you put in your luggage. As a result, if you find your luggage, show the pictures to the airport workers as proof.
  2. Besides, when all your luggage is packed, take a picture of the luggage. If you lose your suitcase, report it to the airline with this picture so that you can find your baggage.

Final thought:

Can you stand out in your suit bag now? I think you can do it.

Follow these above steps before losing a suitcase at the international airport. These will cost less and give you benefit more. Am I right?

Now you can try one of those methods to make your luggage stand out. You won’t face any difficult situations by using simple methods. you

I also try to give some knowledge about the protection of the luggage from stolen. Use also that technique and save your belongings and fulfill your bucket list. After trying some of those ideas, you can inform me in the comment below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

If you know any others that I don’t mention above, please share with me.

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