6 killer steps on how to pack a suitcase( The Ultimate Guide)

how to pack luggage

Do you face trouble because of packing a suitcase? Can’t arrange your packing list?

No problem. I’m here to inform you about the method of packing. By using this method, you won’t face this problem.

First, let’s talk about why packing is so important. 

Your packing makes it easier to find any personal item at an emergency time. If you don’t pack the suit bag correctly, your clean clothes might get wrinkled. You can’t find travel documents in the carry-on luggage.

So if you want to save from this problem, you will love this content. Everything you need to know about packing your suitcase is covered in this article. After knowing this packing method, I think you can solve your packing problem.

Many people face this problem a lot. They don’t understand the proper packing strategies. That’s why sometimes they pack overweight and fill up with unnecessary items.

But you are going to know the simple packing hacks. You won’t like them. You will know everything, like how to choose the right bag and pack suitcase essentials. This content makes you stress-free, where people take stress at the time of travel. This article makes you learn how to pack a suitcase like a proThis article will let you know the best suitcase packing tips that help you pack a suitcase to maximize space.

Do you stay with me on this short journey?  

Tips for packing a checked suitcase

Carrying overweight on a plane may incur additional fees. So you have to estimate the weight of the bag with the luggage scale at home.

It’s important to keep in mind that there’s a distinction between the scale used at the airport and your luggage scale. So a little less weight will carry the product. No need to bring all of the important items. There are some products like car keys, cameras, prescriptions, and pieces of jewelry that should always be carried in the luggage. Don’t keep those items in a checked bag. If these items are kept in a checked suitcase, there is a risk of getting lost during check-in. Whether you carry a product that is afraid of breaking, wrap it around the product with a cloth.

If your suitcase is lost, your suitcase will be docked with your name, phone number, and email address so the airline can communicate with you. You can also put in the hotel address where you’ll be for a while.

You need to tie the handle of your black suitcase with a colorful ribbon or scarf. As a result, you can easily identify your suitcase. When your luggage is packed, lock it. Then there will be no fear of stolen products inside the luggage.

Tips for packing a carry-on suitcase

Some airport security won’t allow more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) bottles. So you may not take the thing that is more than size limits. You can’t do everything you wish. Check here what you can pack in carry-on luggage for the flight.

You can take some exterior packets soft side suit bag. This thing will be pulled easily, and you can keep them in an inaccessible place.

Although your suitcase weight limit is moderate in airlines, the suitcase may become oversized in every compartment. So you shouldn’t use any heavier items. It’s good to know that some airlines and carry-on rules have a weight restrictions.

You should pack according to airline legal limits because airport security may force you to the check-in gate. It’s better to use a luggage tag. And if you have breakable items, you should quickly transfer them to a personal item.

What are the effective tips for packing a suitcase?

See the luggage packing checklist

1. Choose a right suit bag

There are several kinds of suitcases available in the shop. You have to buy the suitcase that is best for you. Before choosing the suitcase, think about what kind of product you will carry in the suitcase.

There are some suitcases that have compartments inside or pockets. Buying such luggage, in my opinion, is a bad idea. You don’t have much space because you have pockets inside. Due to this, you can’t carry more products. So buy a suitcase that has a pocket outside.

There are many requirements to have a pocket outside. You can keep the products that you often need in your pocket. Expanding suitcases are much better for travelers. Extra compartments of such suitcases can be unzipped, which is a special feature of this suitcase. In this way, keeping in mind all the advantages and disadvantages, you need to choose your travel baggage. 

2. Begin planning ahead of time what you’ll pack.

Without planning, any work won’t arrange in the proper way. Same with packing a suitcase.

You should pack your suit bag some days before the trip. So you won’t keep the essentials that you need to take. On a business trip, you need to go with an important document. Then you may face many difficulties.

Planning makes your travel easy. You can get enough time for rethinking. And you can edit according to your wish. So you should take time and plan the details of what you’ll pack.

Pack the suitcase in the right sequence. You maintain the right sequence, and your packing will be easy. It’s an effective way to pack a suitcase. First, you need to make a trip packing list. Then you should put everything in the right order within the vacation packing list.

You should place the bulky items at the bottom of your suitcase because it keeps the wheel safe from falling. Now time to fill up the suitcase with clothes. It’s better to roll clothes than any regular folding method.

So you should fill the luggage in the correct pattern.

  • Don’t overpack the suitcase. 

Do you pack more than you need? Or don’t you understand that you do overpack?

You should use the valuable space. The actual packing space is narrow. If you pack unnecessary belongings, it will create difficulties for you. You should not pack clothes that are not used in more than one place or for one reason.

Occasional travelers know this and keep in mind that they shouldn’t pack so much. As a frequent traveler, you should also need to know. 

Now, what do you expect in these circumstances? Should you pack extra dresses or any other items?

  • Replace The Material With Digital

The less material there is in the luggage, the better. Take, for example, books that are large and heavy in size. Moreover, there are various travel guides and travel materials.

You do not have to carry these items in your luggage if you have a phone or other mobile device. As a result, your luggage space will be far more secure, and you will not have to bear heavy luggage.

You can keep a digital copy of your passport on your phone. Moreover, there are various other important documents. You can keep a copy of these on your mobile. Even if the documents are lost, there will be no problem.

6. Pack the suitcase with packing cubes

Travel experts always recommend using packing cubes while traveling. Consider packing cubes that can change your travel style. You can organize your dress pants here. Such as, in one cube, you can pack small items like socks, and in another cube, you can keep underwear. It enables you to maximize space inside your suitcase.

Packing cubes keep your travel clothes wrinkle-free. It gives your item extra protection. I use it often because I get my belongings in organized way. This keeps your suitcase organized and allows you to use every inch of space in your suitcase. You can try this. I hope you also like packing cubes.

7. Keep some quick idea

Some common idea makes your travel uncommon. And you should know how you can generate this idea.

For example, you should think outside the bag. You can go along with the different types of things without settling them in the bag. In winter you can wear winter travel clothes like the biggest boots and heavier jackets. If you aim to pack efficiently, try wearing your largest items, like boots or heavier jackets, on the plane. It will make you feel warm and save storage space. If you want, you can use the extra space inside the shoe to insert something. Always try to make sure that your daily travel essentials are at the top of your suitcase, allowing you to grab what you need without disturbing other items.

8. Stay calm at the time of packing a suitcase 

If you become impatient at the time of packing a suit bag, your packing will be disorganized. You may forget valuable things. 

9. Packing Roll and Fold items

There are two rules for packing clothes in a suitcase, one is a roll, and the other is a fold. There are some clothes that do not wrinkle easily. These clothes have to be rolled. Such as-Underwear, T-shirts, Jeans, Cotton pants and knitwear, etc. Rolling your clothes helps to save space and prevent wrinkles.

Again, there are many types of fabric that wrinkle when packed in the roll method, such as Cotton shirts, Blazers, Dressy Pants, Skirts, etc. These all are folded clothes. These clothes have to be folded. The advantage of the packed suitcase in roll method is that it takes up less space. 

10. Start with the clothes you’ll need initially.

When packing clothes in luggage, you must put on the most needed clothes. And the fabric that needs a little less is to put down. Then it is convenient to find clothes when needed and extra time is not wasted. What you wear depends on what you’ll be doing and when you’ll be doing it.

11. Ensure easy access to liquids

The TSA can check the toiletries you are traveling with during check-in. So the toiletries should be kept in a place of luggage so that they can be found easily. I think it would be better to keep the toiletries on top while packing the luggage. As a result, you do not have any problems during check-in.

12. Don’t keep suitcase space

When packing the product in the suitcase, try to keep more things in less space. Moreover, no empty space can be kept in the luggage. There is something to be kept there. You’ll have to trust your own decision.

Use plastic bags when packing shoes in luggage. As a result, the clothes inside the luggage will not be dirty. All the clothes that can be rolled should be rolled. This will maximize the space of your luggage.

13. Pick a bigger suitcase

There are different types of things you have to know when traveling. In case your luggage is small, you can’t carry much. So you can’t take many important things due to lack of space while packing. The bigger your baggage, the more products you can carry. So when buying luggage, buy it by looking a little bigger.

14. Cover the pile with a dry-cleaning bag

Whether you put clothes in the suitcase, it often wrinkles. You can’t wear these clothes if you have an important meeting or seminar. So when you pack clothes in luggage, you must keep a bag between two layers. Afterward, it helps to keep your clothing wrinkle-free. This is a good way to. Then there will be no need to be afraid of these problems.

15. Put on the finishing task

The finishing task is very important when packing. The things we need most during travel are normally packed. One thing to keep in mind while packing your suitcase is to make sure that it is not left out. Otherwise, you may face problems later.

You can make a list first when packing. Then you have to pack your suitcase according to that list. Then there will be no fear of dropping anything.

16. Clothing countdown

You must pack your bags depending on how long you are traveling. In case you go on a weeklong trip, you can take five sets of socks and underwear, one hat, two pairs of shoes, three bottoms, and four tops.

Moreover, taking a swimsuit and exercise equipment with you is better. In a word, you have to pack your suitcase keeping in mind your needs.

17. Take dryer sheets for dirty laundry

When you can’t wash your dirty clothes for a week or more, you can put your dirty clothes in your dirty laundry bag to protect your clean clothes from smelling bad.

18. Prepare a tour packing list 

We can follow some best travel packing tips to avoid travel hassles. Like Before going on tour, everyone should make a packing list of what to take with them. It should be done even if it takes more than five minutes because we often forget to pack small stuff items like chargers, toothbrushes, beauty products, pens, etc. Creating a structured packing process is very important. This best packing technique can save us time and trouble in the long run. It helps us from forgetting to pack anything. It is important to keep a packing list so that nothing is left behind on the way back from the return trip.

19. Pack tour-sized toiletries

When we pack toiletries, we can pack this after transferring the liquid items into small bottles because Cosmetics are always liquids that are quite heavy in weight. So, we should carry these in small bottles while traveling. Smaller items will take up less space and less weight in our suitcase. We can take shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and body moisturizer separately in 4 bottles of 100 ml each. Toiletries should be placed on top of your suitcase.

20. Choose a comfortable neck pillow

Another important travel essential is the neck pillow, which can give us comfortable travel. No one wants to feel sick with neck and head problems after a long trip. That’s why we should choose a comfortable neck pillow. Always choose an inflatable travel neck pillow because it takes up less space in your suitcase. The size can also be reduced or increased by applying air. It can also be kept for the next trip.

21. Put your shoes in a shower cap or plastic bag

We never know what’s under our used shoes that could be damaged if they come in contact with other fabrics in the suitcase. In that case, we can put our shoes in our shower cap or plastic bag when we start packing.

22. choose versatile items

Another travel packing tip we can use while traveling is to take things that can be used in different ways. This will free up our suitcases for extra stuff and allow us to stay within a certain weight limit.

  A lightweight sarong will get a lot of use on your trip. Coconut oil has many uses, like lip balm, moisturizer, and hair conditioner, so we don’t need to pack much on our tour. Other pack items like snap lock bags, paper clips, safety pins, etc.

Moreover, it is better to take a swimsuit and exercise equipment with you. In a word, you have to pack your suitcase keeping in mind your needs.

Steps you should follow to pack a suitcase:

Steps you should follow to pack luggage

Step 1: Pack category by category  

Do you like to work category-wise? I love you so much for doing this. That’s why I use these travel tips. You can also break down your bulkier items into small categories. Your clothes, shoes, toiletries, and makeup goes to each category.

To pack a suitcase, this is a good idea. This is something I do on a day-by-day basis. You can also make a packing group according to your personal preference. At last, create a list of essential items within that category. 

Step 2: Make a clothing plan to pack the suitcase.

You obviously won’t want to take useless items, will you?

If you make your plan in advance, you won’t face that problem. It depends on your travel. Don’t pack too much, although they look nice together. I discuss the above about overpacking clothes.

You have two choices accessible to you when going to plan a suitcase. One, how is the weather in that country? Two, what will you do there?

For example, On sunny days you are going to sleep, you should take a casual dress. Again, you are going to take breakfast at the hotel, you should plan with shorts and sandals. Thus you should make a plan to pack a suitcase.

Step 3: Prepare the materials.

After planning the dress, the next step is to prepare the items. You can use the folding or rolling method. A combination of roll and fold looks good. 

Prepare materials like toiletries, makeup, shoes, medications, and electronics. Nothing will be left out if you prepare the items in advance. 

When you pack your medicine, pack it with the original bottles. So the airport security guard asks you fewer questions. You should carefully pack electronic items like a laptop or camera because they can be crushed.

Step 4: Keep the valuable and favorite belongings separated.

Do you want to keep your favorite items in checked luggage?

You will say, “absolutely not.”

You keep cash, keys, electronics, and jewelry in checked luggage. It is better not to keep the favorite item here. You can fill these items in a personal bag or carry-on bag.

Use extra packing cubes for valuable things or favorite items. So they will be secured. If you keep those belongings separate, you will find them easily.

Step 5: Break the packing cube into layers

I learn how to fill the inside of the suitcase, and you can pack any baggage. You can think of 3 layers, for example, the top layer, the middle surface, and the bottom surface. 

In the top layer, you will keep the crucial clothes. Here, you pack items that you need quickly after reaching the destination. So you can easily reach your urgent property.

In the middle layer, place the fragile item within all the belongings. You can put the glass water bottles, and mirror. So they will cover with towels and covers and will be saved.

In the bottom layer, place the bulkiest items. You should keep heavy items like boots on the suit bag’s bottom side. 

Step 6: Close the zip and lock the luggage.

 At the end of the packing suit bag, you should close it and lock the suitcase. You need to sit and carefully zip it. Take someone’s help if you can’t. 

There is a lock in the market that is TSA approved suitcase lock. It will secure your garments inside your suit bag. You can also get opportunities at the time of security.

After closing the suitcase, you can test the luggage because airlines have a weight limit. You can face a problem if your suit bag becomes over the limit.

Final verdict:

Do you understand about packing a suitcase? Isn’t it simple?

I will give you some packing tips and steps in the entire section. I will also tell you about how you can pack a carry-on suitcase or checked suitcase. 

Traveling is stressful enough, and the last thing you want is to be able to fit everything in your suitcase. Packing a suitcase is a crucial thing. You need to know about packing luggage. Otherwise, you will face problems by going on the trip. 

Now you can pack your suit bag because you have learned the simple and easy way. I hope this article is your final shortcut to packing your suitcase efficiently. Many people face the problem when they see their packing at random. I’m confident you won’t face this again.

Do you know any tips for packing a suitcase? Then you inform me in the comment below. If you find this useful, don’t ignore sharing with friends.

Thank you for staying with me.

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