how to replace spinner wheels on luggage? Do with 3 step

how to replace spinner wheels on luggage

Did you throw your bag because the wheels broke, or did you pay a lot to replace the wheels on your backpack?

Well, you are not alone.

One day, my friend went on a trip. Suddenly his backpack wheels broke. Then he went to a backpacking shop and changed them. He has asked me for advice on how to replace the spinner wheels in the luggage. He is currently replacing them by himself. After reading this text, you can also do the replacement. You can also read our recommendations for replacing the spinning wheel on the backpack. You can easily replace the spinning wheel. You don’t have to worry if you know how to replace them. Try to give a simple, budget-friendly fix.

 Read on for more information on how to replace the spinning wheel in your bag.

How do you ready luggage for wheel replacement?

1. Before you replace your wheels, clean them backward

Wheels may not work due to dirt and debris on them. Clean with a damp cloth and look for anything stuck in the roller to make sure it needs to be replaced. Washing them will add a clean work surface when changing. 

2. Set your luggage down on a flat surface

You should choose a surface that will allow your load to rest while you work. You can turn the luggage wheels so that you can see them while you work. If you have an emergency, you can place your bag on the ground.

3. You should check to make sure your luggage is not screwed or riveted.

Different replacement methods are used for riveted and screwed rolls. Bolted wheels have small screws attached to each side and riveted wheels are fastened in the middle. You can identify the type of wheels that you have to help you choose the right materials.

4. You should buy a new wheel with the same brand and width as your older one.

If the replacement wheels are the same as the original, they will fit and work well. For more information on your backpack label, contact the manufacturer. If the wheels are not the right size, it can make it difficult or impossible for your load to fit. For luggage repair, make sure to get new wheels that are approximately the same size as your existing ones. This item can be purchased in either an offline shop or online. It is available with fast shipping and low shipping fees.

How to replace a single spinner wheel on luggage?

1. If the ‘L” bracket is intact but the wheel has been damaged, you can simply replace the wheel.

2) Place the bag on a flat surface

3) Remove the wheel from the “L”, bracket by turning the wrench counterclockwise.

5)Remove the screw and take out the damaged wheel.

6) Repeat the above steps to remove the wheel from the wheel elements.

7) Take a brand new wheel and attach it to the exposed pin.

8) Replace the screw and tighten it clockwise using the hex wrench.

How to replace the double spinner wheel on the suitcase?

1)Remove all screws from the wheel using a screwdriver. 

2)Keep the undamaged screws in case you need them. However, new wheels may come with new bolts

3). A small clip is attached to the screw that holds the wheel. Remove these to remove the wheel completely. 

4)Remove the old wheel and put the new wheel in place.

5)Once secured, screw it onto a backpack. You will know if you have the wrong wheel for being too tight or too loose.


What are the helpful tips for replacing spinner wheels on luggage?

While traveling, wheels can break even when we don’t want them to. Therefore, another method must be used – luggage repair. Follow the tips below on how to do this.

The tips are:

1. It is important to order the correct wheels. Poor quality wheels could break again. Your experience with spinners will not be pleasant. See the limited warranty when ordering durable wheels.

2. Proper tools are essential for replacing luggage wheels. You can also replace spinner luggage wheels with these additional tools. These tools can also be used to replace spinner luggage wheels.

3. To determine if the wheels are standard or dual, you should inspect them. There are many types of wheels on the market. It will be simple if you are familiar with the best ways to replace it. If you don’t know how to replace it, you will have to return it to the service shop. It’s best to learn how to replace the spinner.

4. It is important to verify if the item is worth keeping. It’s not worth replacing luggage with old models. When replacing your skate wheels, ask yourself if it is too old. If “no”, you can get replacement luggage wheels. If the answer is “no”, you can buy new ones.

Final word:

Nobody is satisfied with the broken wheels of the luggage. They are designed to make the journey easy and effortless. You have many options when it comes to fixing wheels. You can order parts, follow the repair steps, or go to repair shops. If the wheels break cause the luggage has already been used for a while, you can buy a new samsonite backpack and give yourself a brand-new vacation.


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