how to replace spinner wheels on luggage? Do with 3 step

how to replace spinner wheels on luggage

Have you thrown any luggage because of the broken wheels? Or did you pay high for luggage wheel replacement?

You are not alone.

Once one of my friends was going traveling. Suddenly his original wheels were broken. He didn’t know how he can replace the broken piece. Then he went luggage repair shop and replace the suitcase wheels. Then he pays them more than low-cost prices. 

After coming back home, he told me everything. And ask, how can I restore spinner wheels on suitcase? I give him a solution about luggage replacement wheels. Now he replaces his spinner double wheels own self. 

Now I will say what advice I gave him. It’s not so hard. After finishing this article, you can also do the replacement of wheels. You can also know about some tips on how to replace the spinner wheel on luggage. 

Suitcase wheel replacement saves your money and you don’t have to go to any repair shop. You can replace the spinner wheel easily. It is also time-saving. If you have some initial knowledge, you can replace luggage with wheels.

Suppose you are in hurry. But you can’t find an expert. That time you feel uncertain and depressed. If you know replace wheeled luggage, you don’t need to feel uncertain.

Read more for knowing details to replace spinner wheel on luggage.

How do you ready luggage for wheel replacement?

1.Before you replace your wheels, clean them backward:

Occasionally there may be a variety of problems with the luggage wheel. As a result, the wheel may have to be restored. You need to do some work before replacing the luggage wheel.

Now I give you some plans for wheel replacement.

Traveling to different places can cause dirt to accumulate on the wheels of the luggage. Due to the accumulation of dirt, the wheels no longer work as before. As a result, this type of luggage is a problem during travel.

You may carry in hand the suitcase as the wheels do not work well. For these reasons, there is boundless suffering. So before traveling somewhere, clean the wheels well with a cloth. If dirt accumulates inside the wheel, clean it well. Then wash the wheels well. As if there is no dirt.

2.Place your luggage on a flat surface:

To replace the wheel of the luggage, the luggage must be placed on a flat surface. A table is a good place as a flat surface.

Placing luggage on a flat surface allows you to see the wheels of your luggage. That’s why it will be suitable to replace the wheels. And if you are in a hurry, you can do the wheels by leaving your luggage on the ground.

3.Check to see if your baggage is riveted or screwed:

Not all luggage wheels are the same. The wheel of some luggage is screwed and the wheel of some luggage is riveted. Usually, these two types of wheels are used in luggage. Before replacing the wheel, you need to know if your luggage wheel is screwed or riveted.

Screwed wheels are usually on both sides of the luggage. But the riveted wheels are in the middle. You can recognize the wheel of your luggage by looking at it. If you know the type of wheel, you can buy materials to replace the wheel accordingly.

4.Buy a wheel that is the same width and brand as the older one:

I think when replacing the luggage wheel, it would be better to buy the wheel that used the brand of wheel luggage before. Then the luggage will give good service and will not be easily damaged. Wheels of different types of luggage are available in the market. So before you go to buy a wheel, you need to know which brand of the wheel you used before.

In case you do not know the brand name, you need to contact the manufacturer of the luggage. Before knowing the name of the brand, you also need to know the size of the wheel. Because you can’t put the wrong size wheel in your luggage.

And even if you can place it, some parts will be high and some parts will be low. As a result, luggage will be tough to transport. Some travelers also use roller blade wheels in their luggage. This type of wheel has many advantages. If you also want benefits, you can use this kind of wheel in your luggage. That’s something of which you should be aware and the size of the wheels you used before. Then you have to buy roller blade wheels according to that size.

How to replace a single spinner wheel on luggage?

Step 1:

See the “L” bracket damaged or not. If it is not damaged, only damage the wheel, you can easily swap out the wheel component. Then lay the luggage on a clean surface. By using the hex key, you should detach the wheel portion from the “L” bracket. You need to rotate the hex key counterclockwise.

Step 2:

Next, you need to take off the damaged wheel. That’s why you should remove the screw. Repeat the procedures above to remove the replacement wheel from the new wheel assembly.

Step 3:

At last, take new skate wheels and place them on the axis that is exposed. You should replace the removal screw and give tight on the right-angle with the hex key.

Your repair is now complete. Isn’t it simple?

How to replace riveted luggage wheels?

1. At first, you need to put on safety spectacles and ear protection. Because can be difficult suitcase replacement wheels. It’s not easy like luggage with spinner wheels.

For replacing riveted luggage wheels, you need scissors. When you start replacing with scissors, care about eye safety. Put on eye goggles so that they can protect your eyes.

You should also put on earmuffs and headphones. Earmuffs are hearing protection. These are the fundamentals It is necessary to be aware of.

2. Using a hacksaw, cut through the luggage rivet. Then remove the old rivet, bearing, washers, wheel by using a screwdriver or hand. The old bearing can be used for the replacement wheel in place.

At the time of wheel installing, you need to keep aside the bearing and washers.

3. You need to place the old bearing into the new baggage wheel bearings. If you want to keep the wheel in place, use 1 bearing on each side of the baggage. 

4. At last, you should put the new wheel into the suitcase. At the place of the replacement wheel, insert the 2 inches (5.1 cm) screw through the luggage wheel.

5. Keep the washer by tightening both sides of the screw. It will secure the wheels in place. Don’t loose the wheel. But if they become loose, try tightening more. However, if it is not tight, then it must be understood that the wheel size is not right.

How to replace the double spinner wheel on the suitcase?

The two-wheeler is stronger for luggage. It gives you more control than any other wheels. Do you read the part where I discuss single spinner luggage wheels replacement? The dual replacing system is the same as the single wheel.

You can replace the twin spinner wheel by following the steps mentioned above. Still, have you any question? If you have, ask me without any hesitation in the comment part. OK?

It’s important to order the accurate wheel. So you can get a lifetime warranty on the wheel. I talked about it on the part of tips for replacing luggage wheel.

But if you have riveted luggage wheels, it would be more challenging. It also needs more effort and a wheel component. Then you have to be sincere at the time of luggage replacement wheels. 

What are the helpful tips for replacing spinner wheels on luggage?

Sometimes the wheel breaks even if we don’t want to. So we should use an alternative method which is the replacement of wheels. You can follow the below tips on how you can do this.

The tips are:

1. You should order the right and durable wheels from the luggage manufacturer. Because the poor quality wheels broke again and again. And your experience with spinners won’t good. The durable wheel won’t break in the busy airport. At the time of ordering wheels, see the limited warranty of that wheels.

2. You should keep proper tools for replacement. With better tools, your replacement won’t be of poor quality. I use the proper tools to do this job. And I recommended you use the right tool. There are some additional tools for replacing luggage wheels. Keep those too with you. 

3. You should check the wheels whether its standard or dual wheels. There is some difference between them. There are numerous types of wheels available for sale.

If you know which wheel you replace, your work will be easy. If you find some fault, you’ll have to give back it to the service shop. Thus affordable options may be harmed. So it’s better to know which type of luggage wheels you have.

4. You need to confirm the wheel is worthing or not. The old piece of luggage doesn’t have the worth to replace the spinner wheel on luggage.

At the time of replacing skate wheels, you need to ask yourself “Is it a too old model?” If the response is “no”, you are prepared for replacement suitcase wheels. Or if the answer is “yes”, you have to buy a new one.

Final word:

Will you happy if your luggage wheel break at the airport? Obviously “not”. The broken wheel can destroy your journey mood. So you need to know the replacement method.

This content solves the problem of replacing. I try to give you details on replacement luggage wheels. You won’t need anyone’s help if you follow the above instructions. But keep in mind the wheel protection.

You follow the method and see what happened. If you face any problem, inform me. It’s simple to replace the spinner wheel on luggage. I do it myself. 

When you buy the luggage wheel, don’t take the wrong wheel size. Otherwise, it won’t replace the actual wheel.

Replace spinner wheels ownself is an affordable option. But you shouldn’t break the old wheel to replace the luggage wheel. Perform step-by-step guides for replacing.

Did you find helpful this content? Inform me now by leaving a comment. And share with your friends and colleagues right now. 

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