How to start a tour guide company? A full guideline for 2023

how to start a tour guide company


If you are a person who can take a city that you know well on behalf of a local person, then it’s a great opportunity for you to start a tour guide company.

Nowadays tourists want different ideas for their tour that are not similar to the previous ideas or experience. They want a tour experience that will be different from the others and arranged. By choosing the right place you will always find a market for your guide experience.

Starting a tour guide company in the travel industry can be a good advantage for a self-entrepreneur. You need to tell your target customers about the mysterious events and famous places in your area. You also need to know to provide information in an enjoyable way.

What is a tour guide company?

A tour guide company is a company where tour operators work for visitors. Tour operators giving services to the travel industry and provide a variety of services to potential customers. They’re getting a lot of information on various historical locations. They also present the information to the customers in an excellent way.

These travel agents have the capability to attract clients to that location. guides provide different tours in their business structure. For example walking tours, jungle tours, bus tours, and river tours.

Why starting a travel guide company is it a good idea?

Through this tour company, you can offer different services to your customers. Like hunting tour, cooking experiences, safari tour, bus tour, historical tour, shore excursion tour.

Do you need to find out the first thing that are you an expert on? Then what do you like to tell people about in your local area?

Based on this you can start a tour operator company. You can do the work at the time of your choice. It can be on holidays or free time. Not only free time but you can also take it as a full-time job.

You may as well make the business company ramp up. Unless you give up, You’re going to be capable of growing in this business. By growing tour company you will be able to hire a different tour operator.

What steps are needed to begin a travel guide business?

You should follow the steps given below to begin a tour company.

You need a business plan:

To start a tour company you need to be an effective plan. It will allow you to properly manage the tour guide business. If you don’t have an effective plan, you will get stuck in the middle.

The following points will help you to make this plan:

Business name:

A good business name is essential for your business venture. With a good name, you can snatch the tourist attractions toward your company. The right name makes your company unique from other companies. Without any charge, it will give you good feedback. . You will show your business in front of the tourism industry

Target market:

Your main target will be those who come on vacation with their friends and family or on educational trips. Focusing on their attraction will grow your businesses. Sometimes you can also get local clients. You can get closer to people by targeting social media as well.

Customer charge:

Pricing becomes important when you plan for starting a tour company. If you keep the price of your service too high then many clients will not be able to afford it. Again by keeping the price low, people will think that your service has no value. So keep a price that maintains the value of your business.

You should observe your place:

You can’t set up a company anywhere. For this reason, you have to observe different places for a long term time. You have to find out some decent place and climate. Where all kinds of facilities and resources are able to be.

You can open a website where your location will be nicely given. Before starting a tour guide company, you should select a location. You will select the places involved in the history of your city.

You should run your tour company marketing:

Promoting Tour agency:

Only a few people will recognize you in the beginning. You need to a lot of advertising and promoting for your tour guide company. Companies whose promoting systems are not of high quality receive very little recognition. So you have to do marketing to get people’s attraction.

Let them see your promotion and be interested in booking you. They can also get an understanding of what exists in your business. You should use a different medium to reach closer to people. You can create different ads and give them on social media.

Moreover, you can promote in different places by printing in local newspapers or by printing nameplates. When you want to start your tour agency, keep these things in your budget.

Set up a web existence:

If you want to set up a successful tour business, you must build a website. you can appoint an SEO expert. He going to handle that site. The website will tell customers what you are offering, in what way you are providing the service to the clients.

You can post some things about the business idea on this website on your various social media accounts. After that, you can also give an attachment to the web. Then different people will gain more knowledge about your company in the blog. They will also find you easily where there will be details to connect you.

You should target your viewers regardless of age. Travel agencies should build social media marketing strategies for teenagers. Making newspapers, billboards, nameplates, etc. for the older man.

Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook having these accounts will make your brand shiny and capable.

Keep in mind customer interest:

As the tour guide company progresses, you may want to consider expanding it. In this case, the interest of the customer matters. So keep in mind their attraction.

You will ask your clients what type of service people are interested in. Then you can expand your travel business accordingly. You also get a business plan of what to do next. Keeping in mind the attraction of the people, your business must grow.

Branding business venture:

Branding is the key to a new business. For the future of your tour operator business, this is quite important. Branding exposes you to individuals who have never engaged with your company.

Logo branding plays a much bigger role in this regard. The logo will help to build a positive aspect of your company. You must have your logo on a business card, website, nameplate, or brochure. Through an attractive logo, you can attract people. This is also a kind of branding.

You should give priority to customer satisfaction:

It is important for a tour company in their customer satisfaction and rating for their company. Through online reviews and word-of-mouth, it is possible to raise this business. You can turn your business into a brand by providing great customer service.

Many people will book you if they are satisfied. They will also ask you for advice on various issues of different tours. You give satisfaction to your customer. Then those clients will refer other people about your business.

And if the client is not happy, they will not hesitate to take your business down. Their bad rating will leave a negative impression on your business.

You should need a permit and license:

You will need to necessary permissions and licenses soon. Otherwise, it can be a big loss for your travel business. If you want to operate any business, you must get permission from the local area clerk’s office. After getting permission, you will check your license from the tourism board.

You also must be careful about taxes. It will impact the tour adviser company directly. Depending on the good or service, you have to pay a tax rate. For this, you need a valid business bank account.

What does starting a tour company cost?

The price to start a tour business It’s indeed to need a marketing strategy.

If you have ideas about the budget, you will have the advantage of moving forward. This becomes a low price when starting a business. That’s not a big deal for you.

You can get an idea from business experts about how much it costs you to get started. Find out from someone how much it costs you for these business-related assets. The more business ideas you gain, the more expert you become.

You need this type of cost:

  • need a computer – 500.00$
  • a suitable logo for your company-50.00$
  • legal archives- 350$
  • Build a website- 700

That means you need probably- 1600.00$


You should observe the guides up above. You should also follow the business ideas, budget, and market according to the above guide.

If you are quite enthusiastic about that kind of business then it’s obviously a great chance for you. Liking your guide and services, people will come to you again and again. You should also build your communication skill. Thus you can convince them.

Your company will have a successful tour only when people find the right path from you.

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