How to travel with a suit? 7 effective tips for you


Packing a suit is a big problem for those who travel by flight. But going to a business meeting or event, you have to take a suit or jacket. There are few things you need to know if you want to travel with the suit wrinkle-free. You definitely don’t want to look unprofessional.

There are many methods that are time-consuming. You should not follow those methods. In this post, I will try to explain you some trick the ways in which you can pack a jacket. If you observe these travel guides, you would have no problem travelling with your suit.

Can you carry a jacket on a plane?

Yes, you can carry a jacket or suit on a plane.

Travel with a suit seems normal but there are certain policies. If you follow these policies properly, you will be able to fly peacefully. You must ensure that your suitcase does not contain any additional restricted weight.

You can carry a maximum of 18 kg weight with you on the airlines. In each country, people can carry items of different lengths, widths, and heights. If your suit is according to that width, you can bring it on the plane. 

How do you avoid wrinkles while packing a suit? 

Suppose you came to your friend’s wedding wearing a wrinkled suit and everyone thinks you just woke up. Would you like it? I think, not at all. So you need to know how to pack a wrinkle-free suit while travelling. 

Let’s know some methods so that you can travel without a wrinkling suit.

You can keep materials that prevent wrinkle:

There are different types of materials available that prevent wrinkle. Such as lycra, nylon, acrylic olefin and polyester. 

The work of these materials:

  • From an anti-wrinkle standpoint, polyester is the best. It traps heat and odors.
  • Its units with water-resistance cross-linked bonds
  • Many wrinkle-free cotton garments today are treated with polymer.
  • These are antiparasitics. It kills microorganisms or stops their growth
  • Nylons have a built-in wrinkle with natural resistance.
  • It dehydrated very fast

Another wrinkle-free fabric is synthetic. It now performs better like natural fabric. If you don’t want to use synthetic fabrics, it doesn’t matter. But also confirm that your cloth is made of natural fabric like sheep wool, cotton, silk, linen. 

If you want to see whether the fabric wrinkled, rub a corner of this clothing fabric. If the fabric is not curled up, this is the right choice for you.

You can conduct a garment bag:

Are you thinking of taking a long flight? But do not realize how to pack the suit? Then garment bag may be the finest solution for you.

A garment bag is very useful to avoid wrinkles. This method is preferable for everyone when it comes to packing suit for travel. The garment bag protects the design of the cloth and takes care of the suit from the creases. Everything will be covered at one cost.

You can fold the suit two or three times in the garment bag. Then you need to place the suit inside this bag. This will preserve your clothing from shrinking.

What are the tips to keep in mind before travelling with a suit?

You can put on your suit

You can drive wearing the suit if you want even though it will not be comfortable. However, you will save time and will not have to think about packing.

You must feel stress while packing. By wearing a suit or jacket, you will be saved from that hassle. There is no point in packing too many dresses for a short time journey.

You should fold with expertise

  1. Lay the suit on a clean flat surface
  2. First, fold the left shoulder in back
  3. Then turn the right shoulder inwards
  4. The left shoulder will be folded inside
  5. Fold the top half of the suit
  6. Put the suit in the middle of the trousers in the carry-on suitcase. As if the trousers cover the suit
  7. Pack neatly inside a dry plastic bag and put in luggage

You should pack with careful

If you go on a long flight or drive, it is very important to pack the suit. Otherwise, you can’t minimize wrinkle. You can also use your suit as a bundle. After packing, see if everything is ok. If you can organize the suitcase properly, the suit will be damaged. 

 You should give enough time for packing

Sit down to pack a suit with adequate time. One day before your travel, the jacket should be packed. Everything can become chaotic when you sit down to fill up stressfully. The more relaxed you are, the faster you will be able to pack.

Give yourself time to finish the fill-up space. Pack your suit as your wish for travel.

You should choose the right luggage

There are many luggage options for choosing the proper suitcase. A suitcase matters a lot to pack a suit for travel. You will choose a hard-sided bag.  Otherwise, your luggage may be crushed by colliding with another suitcase. This will cause wrinkle on the suit. So proper luggage for travel is very important for the safety of the clothes.

You can also include some accessories

You can also keep other small accessories in your bag. For instance socks, tie, undergarment, watch, tie clip, shirt button. You can fold them tightly and roll them neatly in the corner of the bag. Pack shoes underneath and everything else around it. 

You can do these things after arrival

Even after following the above method, if there is a wrinkle in the suit, some time steam can fix this problem.  

You have to do for this:

  • First of all, hang the jacket in the washroom 
  • Then turn on the hot water shower
  • Close the washroom’s door
  • Lastly, let the suit steam for around 15 minutes
  • You can also bring a handheld travel steamer with you for steam

In many hostel rooms, they provide iron. You can use them if you want.

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