how to use a luggage strap?

how to use luggage strap

Are you facing a problem with the suit bag security? Can’t you manage the heaviest suitcase?

Don’t worry!!!

Many people face this problem. After going to the airport, they see their carrier’s zipper or locks are breaks. 

There are many for breaking the suitcase. Such as you pack overstuff in your baggage, you keep luggage in the wrong place, and the strong pressure of flight altitude. Another thing to remember that your suitcase may be stolen. It is also a problem.

But here is the solution: 

Luggage strap

The best solution for baggage security is using the luggage strap. It can secure your entire luggage. It will also prevent items from falling.  

I am here to solve your problem. I’m going to show you how to use the baggage strap today. So that you can give maximum security to your suitcase. After reading this content, you will know many things about luggage cords.

I welcome you to start reading the chapter. I hope you will enjoy the method.

Is a luggage strap necessary?

If anyone asks me personally, is a luggage strap necessary? Then my opinion would be yes. It is very important. We know that It is best to be proactive rather than reactive. And these straps are extra security for your luggage.

There may be a lot of important stuff inside your luggage. And is your sole duty to keep these materials safe. If there are no straps, the important element in your luggage can be stolen. Or you may accidentally open your luggage and the products may fall off. So I would recommend using luggage belt straps. This will keep your luggage belongings safe.

Using lockable luggage cords will make opening the suitcase much harder for the thief. For these reasons, it is very important to arrange these minor elements at the beginning of travel.

You can also take advantage of bungee cord straps to secure your bag. This makes it easy to store a great number of the suitcase at once.

In addition to these straps, there is another type of straps. And that is piggyback luggage straps. With this strap, two pieces of luggage can be added. As a result, there is no need to carry two pieces of the suitcase with both hands.

Not just two but more than two pieces of luggage can be added. Consequently, there is no fear of losing suitcases. These straps will reduce your pain a lot.

Is it permissible to use luggage straps?

Are you confused about whether to bring luggage straps during air travel?

The policy given by TSA(Transportation Security Administration) does not say anything about this. So there is nothing to worry about., TSA agents may ask you to remove the straps during check-in. Just remove the straps during check-in.

To use suitcase by approving TSA. Some straps are attached to the luggage. Just like the combination lock. During the inspection, TSA agents can use their master key to access the suitcase. Even so, when their task is done, they will reattach the strap.

So you must make certain that your strap is TSA approved at check-in. Many airplanes do not permit luggage straps, although it is extremely uncommon. Under those circumstances, you should detach the straps. 

Kinds of luggage strap and their use:

Using the regular baggage belt:

A single thick luggage strap is a standard baggage strap. This strap contains plastic hook material. With the help of which the suitcase can be locked around. Due to this, the products inside the baggage are protected. Regular baggage belts can be used in a multitude of methods. It depends on what kinds of luggage you are using.

Let’s know the use of these straps:

  • In the beginning, the suitcase should be placed on the wheels in an apeak way;
  • Wrap the strap around the suitcase’s width.;
  • If you don’t have a front handle on your bag, enfold the strap along with the suitcase’s height.
  • Before locking the strap, make sure the luggage fits snugly on the strap;
  • Lock the strap tightly wrap it around the luggage;

Using the X-shape design luggage belt:

To ensure safety, these types of luggage cross over one from another direction. It prevents the unaware broken zipper or hook.

Let’s know how it operates:

  • At first, Wrap the bag’s height in the strap. Don’t forget to pull through the retractable handle
  • You should drag the cord through the tri-angle. The strap will turn out like that as if it creates a 90-degree position
  • After finishing the height, the next task is wrapping the belt around the width of the luggage
  • At last, Be sure to match the length of the belt before connecting all the strap
  • Ensure soft luggage safety by checking the lock system 
  • You should also ensure the belt is a tight fit

Using the “add a bag” or bungee suitcase belt:

“Add a Bag” luggage straps are very easy to use and it is a suitable product too. These straps will keep your suitcase secure. Add your handbag or a smaller check-in bag as well. As a result, you do not have to concern about carrying the bag by hand. Moreover, You don’t have to be concerned about the bag during check-in.

Let’s know the use of these straps:

  • First, you have to click the strap around the handle of the suitcase;
  • Then retrace the contractible handle fully;
  • Then you have to put the handbag top on the suitcase. After holding the handbag properly, the strap should wrap well around the retractable handle.
  • When the bag is placed around the retractable handle, tighten it with a bungee and ensure the safety of the handbag.

Using the general luggage strap:

It’s an easy task. But think about few things. Those are:

  • You should insert the belt below the handle. Because this will prevent the item from falling. This also safe accessory from slipping.
  • You should give tighten the special straps to the max on the body of the suitcase. Otherwise, it may fall on the slippery surface
  • You should also use a lock for personal security. There are different styles of locks available in accessory stores.
  • Choose the lock which is difficult to open. So that your valuable item of the expensive suitcases secure from stolen in air travel.

How do you select a luggage strap?


You should choose the eye-catching color belt

In the airport or train stations, your luggage may be similar to someone else luggage. Then the colorful strap makes it easier to find your suitcase.

If you choose the green, red, and yellow belt, your suit bag will become more recognizable. 

Suppose, you are going on a family journey and your brother and sister have a similar suitcase. You will be confused about which is your bag. Then a colored luggage strap is an easy way to recognize your bag.

You must be cautious about the type of clip

Most of the bag has the type of buckle that you pinch and release. You should choose this because it is the easiest way for releasing. 

Before buying, make sure it is simple to open. But be aware as if it can’t open when anyone pushes it. There are many clips which bring out the suitcase belt. You should not use that type of buckle because this process of securing your luggage can take a longer time.

You need a locking strap for extra safety

Suitcase the strap can help to hold your bag closed and give you protection from potential thieves. Before the hook opens, you must select a 3 dial combination because a belt comes with it. This belt can be an obstacle for thieves.

Although its safety system is great, there is a problem. The problem is many TSA may want to check the suitcase but they can’t if this lock attaches to the luggage strap.

You can find the TSA-approved locks. So that those TSA agents can unlock the baggage because they have a master key. These luggage locks are available in most airport or travel accessory stock. You can buy from there.

Final thought:

I think you will be clear on how you can use the suitcase belt. I try to give a simple method which you can apply easily. When I went to travel, I am also using that method. 

The luggage strap gives protection to my durable materials. I use a lock for additional security. You can enjoy your journey and not worry about the suitcase by using the luggage strap.

You can manage larger suitcases with the premium accessory using the suit bag belt. If you face any problem, you can inform me in the comment section.

If you find it helpful after reading this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. I’d in truth appreciate it if you share this content.

I’d want to hear from you as well. Do you already know any of that method? Please leave a statement and Inform me.

Thank you for reading the chapter’s conclusion.

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