how to weigh luggage? Master with 4 astonishing ways

how to weigh luggage

Do you want to get rid of frustration in international flights? Then weigh your check-in luggage.

In airports, they have carry-on luggage size limits. You should weigh your luggage before leaving your home. Because major airports take expensive fees for overweight baggage.

Carry on luggage have weight restrictions in international airports. Checked-in luggage has also a weight limit. Such as the general checked suitcase weight limit is 50 lbs. In spirit airlines and allegiant, they have 40 lbs limit for a single suitcase.  

It is so significant to measure the suitcase. If you don’t conscious about it, you can’t weigh luggage. You will feel stress at the airport checkpoint. 

This post will reduce the reason for stress. Because you will know about 4 simple ways to weigh measurements, where you can weigh suitcase, how you weigh luggage without luggage scale and how you can prevent overweight luggage. If you read this content, you will gain knowledge about all the things. 

I always try to give you great tips. Many people face issues with weight. As a result, I thought I’d tell you about it.

To learn more, keep reading.

Where Can You Weigh Your Luggage?

It is very important to know the actual weight of the entire luggage. If you do not acquire the scale to measure the baggage weight, you can estimate in different places. Below are some of the place names-

Many hotels have a luggage scale so that customers do not have to suffer. As a result, customers can easily know the real weight of their suitcase. Luggage scales are usually available in hotel lobbies. Their customers can measure the weight of the luggage for free.

If you are urgent, you can contact the local gym nearby. The gym usually has different weight scales. There you can measure the weight of your carry-on luggage.

Many supermarkets used to have a scale for weighing so that customers could measure weight. Which was once very popular. Such a scale is no longer seen in the supermarkets of many countries. However, it can still be seen in many US stores.

We often send our products from one place to the next via the post office. And the fee has to be paid based on the weight of the items. So there is always a scale for measuring weight at the nearest post office You can calculate your luggage’s weight even if you go there.

You can measure the weight of your luggage at the empty check-in desks to make sure that your check-in luggage is within the weight limit. You are not needed to pay any fee for this. So it would be wise to go to the airport and measure your weight for self-satisfaction.

You can go also weighing station. There you can also weigh the luggage.

If you carry extra weight, your check-in luggage will be opened and checked in front of everyone. As a result, you will be ashamed in front of everyone. So either way, you have to know the actual weight of the bag and carry the product accordingly.

How important is my luggage weight anyhow?

Passengers have to suffer a lot because they do not know the actual weight of the luggage. Boarding time is much extended to carry extra weight. Sometimes you have to pay a lot more money. Which is much more expensive.

The biggest problem is when your bag will be unpacked in front of everyone due to being overweight. All products inside your bag will be individually checked. 

One thing to always keep in mind is that all airlines have different carry luggage limits. As a result, one cannot be comparable to the other

If you don’t desire to get into difficulty, keep the weight of the bag down to one pound. Then you don’t need to pay the extra fee during check-in and you don’t have to feel any shame.

4 ways to weigh your luggage:

4 ways to weigh your luggage

Different types of scales are used to measure the weight of luggage. And not all scales express the same value for the same luggage. That means perfectly accurate values are not available, some are more or less. Below are some of the scales and their uses:

1.Luggage scale:

If you want to measure the weight of luggage yourself, buy a scale from the market. Attach the scale hook to the luggage handle to measure the weight of the luggage. Then lift the suitcase from the ground to survive. As a result, the scale screen will show the weight of the luggage. This way it is simple to calculate the weight of your luggage. 

2.Regular home scale:

No one measures the weight of luggage in this way. Because this regular scale does not display accurate values. However, if you do not have much time, you can use this technique. This will give you a little idea of the weight of your luggage.

To do so, you must first take measurements of your own weight on the scale. Then measure your weight with luggage. Subtracting both weights will get you the weight of your luggage.

3.Suitcase with a built-in scale:

Now there are some suitcases available in the market which have scales. As a result, if you pack extra product, you will know in advance. To my knowledge, such a facility is available in a brand called Raden.

4.Airport scale:

Many airport checkpoints have scales for weighing. If you don’t have time to weigh yourself at home or forget, you can go to the airport and weigh yourself. As a result, if your luggage weighs too much, you can take action accordingly.

What if you don’t have scales to weigh your suitcase?

Almost everyone who travels to different places has a scale to measure the weight of luggage. As a result, when the luggage is packed, they measure the weight with a scale. If the weight of the luggage is more than the limit, then they exclude the necessary things and bring the weight of the luggage within the limit.

Because those who have travel experience know very well what kind of problem to wear if carrying extra weight. So if you have never traveled before, you must buy a scale and measure the weight of the luggage.

If you carry excess weight you will have to pay an excess baggage fee. Moreover, you have to face many problems.

How to Prevent Overweight baggage?

Do you how expensive additional airline fees for a single piece of luggage? It is an average of $100 to $200 per baggage.

Just buy an airline ticket, hotel booking, food, travel items, it will cost a lot of money to spend on these things. Again, if you have to pay excess baggage charges, then the mood will become bad. Then you use a clever luggage weighing hack.

There are 4 steps to prevent extra weighing bags:

Step 1: Know the luggage rules and regulations 

You can read in the luggage regulations blogs. There you will know the limit per piece of baggage. You can also know about the size limit, weight limit, the amount of bags you can take in airline miles. In common airlines, they allow 50lbs per luggage. 

Luggage restrictions vary from airline to airline. In American Airlines, you can carry 70lbs for business class. Thus there are many rules have. Read those rules where you wish to move.

Some airline allows heaviest items and oversized luggage on an international flight. Here you can go with extra luggage weight. It’s always good to go with a permissible limit.

Step 2: Look over the item before putting it on the entire luggage

Many people keep the unnecessary heaviest items in a single suitcase. Then the suitcase becomes heavier. Then they realize the constant struggle. 

Do want a to solution that problem?

At first, lay all the items you want to pack. Then see which items are not so essential. Remove those items from your luggage and become a baggage lighter. 

You may know the luggage weight allowance limit. According to those limitations, you have to keep things in a single-piece suitcase. Throw items like extra shoes, kid’s toys, and so on.

Step 3: Pack the extra item in another bag

For preventing oversized luggage, you should consider another check-in luggage. So carry luggage limits will reduce. By using these travel tips, you can save the excess baggage fee. You can also bring the items to the airport checkpoint you need in check-in luggage.

This technique is a clever luggage weighing hack. Am I correct? What is your thought?

Step 4: Pack the heavy item in carrying on bag

You may have a large or heavy item. And you must carry that item. What will you do? Then you should pack the things in carry-on luggage. You can get a cart. With this cart, you can enter the gate easily. 


In the entire content, you learn about how to weigh baggage for the strict airline. To save from the excess baggage fee, you must do a weight measurement. You should keep baggage lighter when you pack a suitcase for travel. The lightest suitcase is also better to see, isn’t it?

You should be worrying about maximum weight when you pack heavy items like laptops, gifts, liquor. Otherwise, it would be heavy luggage. And you have to give extra luggage fees.

You can keep an emergency bag with you. If the carry luggage limits become excess, you can transfer belongings in that suitcase. Thus you can make the lightest suitcase. Then you can carry the bag on the plane with you.

If you don’t measure with a luggage scale, weigh at a nearby place. If there isn’t a means to accomplish them, try to do without scale. Do accurate measurement anyway.

When you weigh your luggage, you become stress-free. You can also enjoy your journey. Your trip will smoother. It will provide you the peacefulness and you don’t endure constant struggle. Correct weight limit becomes you more focused.

Do you know extra tips or methods for this topic? Can you share with us your methods? Then inform us by commenting below. 

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