What is a FAM tour? Has the answer to everything

what is a fam trip

Fam tours are basically for travel agents or tour advisors where they can learn about different things. For example travel destination, product knowledge, selling knowledge. So they can sell different things like cruise lines, hotel rooms, restaurants, airlines, etc. 

 Many people may be included in this tour such as travel writers, tour operators, travel agents, tourism partners, travel group advisors.

A travel agent can know what to talk about their products through fam trips. In this tour, the agents take the experience of previous customers. This way they can provide the best advice and experience to their new clients. 

Fam trip participants have to work hard to capture all the tour experiences to the fullest. They should also do a deep analysis of the client’s interest.

Familiarization trip plays a very important role in becoming a successful and experienced travel agent. It is the best strategy to increase sales on their target. 

What’s the importance of FAM trips?

You can gain a better destination knowledge:

Fam travel will give you a stage where you can take experience first hand. This will teach you how to offer value-based services to your clients. A disciplined relationship will be formed between you and your influencers.

You should attend a familiarization trip to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of various places. As a result, you can give advise clients to go to those sites.

The reputation of your travel agency business will grow when you confidently tell pros and cons about clients’ travel destinations.

If you go on familiarization tours, you will be able to get a clear idea about the places, events, and services that you will market.

You can assemble an identity for your business:

Fam trip is an excellent way to develop your business. In this tour, you will be able to do marketing and branding about your business.

Come on this trip and share your unique experiences on different social media accounts. Such as different travel blogs, Instagram, and Facebook. Through this media, you can become social influencers and brand about business with more people.

You can gain credibility from your clients:

You need to focus on practical knowledge and experience to become a travel agent. If you market travel destinations to customers with personal stories, they will trust you. But if you don’t travel to places, you can’t share your personal story.

No matter how well you arrange, there is no benefit if the customers do not have a choice. So you have to be experienced so that you can gain the credibility of the client. 

You can get the opportunity for education:

The main purpose of fam trip is that travel agents can create a better market with the service. Basically, the service is the client base. You will get some more fam opportunities through a fam tour. Such as thinking about the client.

You can also grow your business through various travel experience You can read about the client’s various activities here. Take note so that if you want to know something later, it comes in handy. Then you read the important things later.

You can market your agency:

Fam tour is a place where you can find a lot of guide and experience. For instance, marketing, education, fun and networking. You would be capable of raising brand awareness for the services by including this experience in your portfolio.

This fam travel plays a very important role in the growth of travel agency. The travel agent trip has the opportunity to face many suppliers, which creates a good relationship between partners.

How do you organize a fam trip?

Successful familiarization tours depend on how you organize the tour. A tour can be made much better by arranging the trip beautifully. With fam trips, you can grow your personal travel experience.

You can also broaden your travel company. Because here you can get to know a lot of people and build up excellent relationships with travel advisors. 

FAM tours further help to know the needs of the clients and how to serve them. So can get detailed ideas on travel agents. 

You can follow the below tips for organizing a fam trip:

You should identify your story plan

The story plan can be promoted in media and blogging and generate coverage. Which is very good for your familiarisation trip. So you need to create an excellent story idea so that social influencer and travel bloggers are interested in you. 

If you plan your stories properly, you will be able to organize the tour in a beautiful way.

You can list target media

You should present a list of social media targets for travel agent selection and comment. Target media may not be available with the time networking. As a result, you must be agile with your desired media list.

You should inquire about the tourism board

To organize a fam tour, the tourism board has to be serious. If they are attracted to the travel consultant, they will listen carefully to your different types of questions. You can ask the question to the travel professionals without hesitation. 

Your purpose will be to build your business legally. If the travel operator is not attracted to it, then your time will waste. That’s why you must ask the key question to know things. 

You can prepare a formal invitation

If you want to cover all the basics of trip dates, goals, destinations, tasks, itinerary, and travel budgets, you need to prepare a formal invitation.

Again you need to create a confirmation form where the basic information of the tourism influencers will be. For example; personal data, movement, readers outline etc.

You should also send those invitations

To ensure participation, you need to invite journalists. You should give them an email with an invitation. Moreover, you can also give an invitation through phone call. 

Be thankful to them and reply to maintain a good relationship. With invitations, you can present your identity to them.

You should have objectives

Keep an attainable goal for each fam tour. This will provide alternative suggestions for your clients and give you a sense of success. Look for good places nearby, eat at good restaurants, exchange views with local shopkeepers, and travel by bus or any vehicle. 

You can preservation the experience

It would be nice to take your notes on fam tours. You can take voice notes and take pictures and videos. These will make planning a trip after your return much simpler.

You can share these on social media and advertise them in your local publication. Again you can publicly share and celebrate fam tourism experiences and adventures.

You should properly arrange the tour

A trip needs to be arranged for one. Flights to adventure travel, hotels to stay, various vehicles, food, anything to do during leisure time. Although it is a challenge to arrange a place to stay and travel. 

You don’t want to provide vegetables to a non-vegetarian. So you have to keep everyone’s contacts detail such as contact form, contact names to handle any emergency situation.

Final thought:

In fam tour, tour operators usually teach travel agents to handle clients. There they will be able to gain a variety of experiences that will give benefit them later.

You would have the chance to establish bonds with your travel companions here. As a result, if you face an unexpected challenge, you will find a solution. 

So if you are a travel agent or are thinking of becoming one, you must go on the fam tour and gather different types of experience.

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