Why go on a mission trip? A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Why you go on a mission trip

One can achieve good experiences with different human beings in different places through a mission trip. Some good moments on a short-term mission trip and connecting with different people can lead to a good connection. Several people believe it in a negative way. But it’s not negative the way individuals believe.

let’s know some reasons “why go on a mission trip?”

What are the benefits of the mission trip for everyone?


you can develop maturity from experience:

Travel can be an unimaginable experience that no one can get with money. you get maturity when you go on a mission trip. Mission traveling will change your vision of the world. You will learn about different cultures and get rid of various superstitions.

By going on a short-term mission trip, you will able to build a friendly relation with the teammates. You will know about your strengths and passion. Through the mission trip experience, your heart becomes broad and your mind will open.

 Going on a mission tour, you will be able to gain a variety of amazing experiences. For example: know the destination of existence, notice unprivileged human’s life, understand the suffering of different workers. These experiences are like a gem.

 Given and Taken:

Missions trips are about to give and take. If you give them a service, they will give you the blessing. Through this, you can reach closer to your goal. In a field of yours, you can go a step forward.

Mission Trip Participant donates with generosity and takes peace of mind. From another country, you will understand a lot of things. This way you can take your own vision of your culture.

May God make your living better with all the things you have done on this journey tour. So it shouldn’t tell anyone that the mission travel only has to give persons.

 You can meet people’s tangible needs:

There are many people in the world who do not get enough worship, grace, equality. Mission journey participants serve their neighbor’s needs.

 They have to fight with many limitations in their daily life. Such as medical support, education, lack of medicine. they don’t have enough doctors. For this reason, in emergency time they don’t get any doctor besides them. By helping them you learn to understand your existence in a new way.

You can broaden your perspective:

The world is much bigger than your backyard. Which you can’t realize without going on this tour. One of the benefits of this short-term mission trip is that it will change the way you look at the world. Not only will your new outlook change but you will know the world different way.

 Everyone is busy with their professional life so it has been quite challenging to connect with the persons. So you can get near to humans from different countries by coming on this tour.

 Most teenagers need to go on a mission team. Because there they can understand the value of their lives by looking at deprived humans. Thus their perspective will be broadened and not being limited to specific places.

You can build a deep relationship:

Mission trip participants both plan a service project and build-up deep relationships. So, you can become their friends. When you work with mankind for a while, you will learn to know them. you will make a connection with them like this.

You will feel them up close and weave a good memory. For the remainder of your life, these memories will remain with you, giving you peace of mind. This experience will strengthen your faith. This will allow you to realize that you need to be satisfied with what you have. 

What are the benefits of Youth Mission trips?

 Youth can together on this tour:

On this tour, youth do many things together. For example, riding, eating, sleeping, rising, helping persons. If any ordinary work can be done together, that work becomes extraordinary. So they can build incredible communities together.

 They break their comfort zone and help to work with workers. By coming on this journey, youth get opportunities to assist unprivileged humans. In this way, the youth form a good bond among them.

Youth can practice calmness and flexibility:

On a mission trip, everything doesn’t go according to plan. There, youth should be ready to sacrifice their enjoyment in everyday living because of assisting others.

 On this trip, youth face many problems. Still, they have to stay calm there. This way they can practice calmness.

 Again they have to adapt to that environment. Youth has to be flexible with others. Thus their flexibility increases.

Youth can travel to new places:

When youth take part in the journey, they get the chance to travel to a different country. They are eager to learn in detail about new places and increase their communication and cooperation skills.

 Youths would be able to interact with various cultures and different types of human beings. Youth will get to know that traveling is their self-observation. From this tour, they will profit a lot. Their mission trip experiences can unlock their eyes about the walks of life.

 Youth feel grateful for what they have:

Many times youths are not happy with what they have. They want more. But they do not know many persons don’t have their basic needs. They will see such humankind on these mission trips. Then they might know that they have got plenty. They are growing to have to be thankful to the creator.

Local community people also suffer from a shortage of community. They have no educational resources, service centers, and precautions systems.

By noticing the derived humans, they understand that they have abundant. Thus they will satisfy and thankful for what they have.

What can people gain on mission trips?

They feel sympathy and kindness for the unprivileged group:

Although God created us all in the same way, there are different inequalities around the world. There are several persons that are deprived of various opportunities. Going on this trip among the participants of the mission trip will create sympathy towards those people. Kindness will also come along them. They can acquire the quality of generosity.

They will learn teamwork and leadership:

The mission trip is teamwork. Teenagers will be able to gain teamwork experience through mission trips. The work that is not done alone is done quickly with the group. They can learn a lot through teamwork. Which will be of great use to them later.

Through mission trips, they can also gain leadership skills. By going on a mission trip, they give different service opportunities in communities. They must have leadership qualities to be prosperous in life. The common characteristics exist among all the person who has succeeded.

Mission trip volunteers gain faith and hope in hardship:

There is a kind of miraculous happiness in sharing different things with each other. When mission participants hear stories of the plight of disadvantaged people, including family, society, poverty, justice, they understand how to rely on God in adverse times. in such a way, they will have steady faith in God. They too will hope in their Creator in their difficult times.

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